Private Eye Achievement in Hydrophobia

  • Private Eye



    Collect all documents and objects.


    How to unlock Private Eye

    See 'Celebrated'

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  • is there any list for this? 0ΒΈ0
  • OMG this achievement sucks... cant find any guide to get them all just one on pc version and helps a lot but u are going to notice there are a few changes between pc and xbox 360 version... i have 69 of 72 and still trying to find em all, if anyone can help me telling me where is page 5 and 21 of the 30 of Thomas Maltus book and page 2 of Robert Howlin "vision to the future" i will be glad
  • Here you go boys. A cracker wee guide too.
  • I've only seen PS3 and PC guides for this game, after reviewing these guides, I was able to price together, and find, all the locations for these collectibles.
  • Can anyone help me find page 5 and 21

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