Aztecologist Achievement in I Dig It

  • Aztecologist



    Complete your collection of Aztec artifacts from the Amazonian expedition.


    How to unlock Aztecologist

    Included are screenshots of complete collections for each expedition. Locations for items are random, unless they are quest items which can be found in the same general area. Collection achievements all pop the moment you acquire the last item of the collection.

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  • I need some help with this one. This is my last achievement for the game and I am missing one. The very last one item number 333, it looks like a gold snake head. In my campaign I scoured every inch of the map. I finished the game with two missing artifacts. I replayed in free roam and picked the other one up but still this one was nowhere to be found. Is it somewhere secret I'm missing or is it a gay thing where it may take multiple map loads and clearing them completely each time to find the stupid thing.

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