-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 20 (200)
-Online: 0 (0)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 10+ hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? N/A
-Does difficulty affect achievements? N/A
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed: None

Welcome to I Dig It! This is a mobile phone based platformer/puzzle with emphasis on strategic thinking to ensure your "digger" is properly managed to complete the campaign. The game initially released in January with glitched achievements, but Microsoft has since released a patch in September that has made all 20 achievements obtainable.

Abbreviated Walkthrough
Each campaign level can be chosen right from the start. Every level has the game play flow of upgrading your digger, completing missions, then collectible cleanup if required. There are two ways of tackling this achievement list; either attempt to find all collectibles during the campaign run, with the chance that you may miss one or two, or simply run through the level on quick play first and find all collectibles beforehand so your focus can be on completing the campaign. Either way, expect to spend at least two hours on each map.

The suggested upgrade emphasis on all campaign levels should always be gas first, radar, drill, and then cargo. Pressure and hull upgrades can be neglected until the very end if you can maintain positive control of your movements throughout the game. This also frees up money for the teleport consumable, which allows you to move instantly from your dig site to home base and back. The player will find that there is a threshold in every level where money is no longer an issue after upgrades because of the available resources being dug up for money.

All numerical achievements, which include collectibles and stage specific tasks such as the Venting achievement, where you must plug 10 vents in game, are cumulative and are tracked in both quick play and campaign modes. All progress MUST be saved at home base however, which must be kept in mind if you must grind the achievements out for any reason. Cleanup should not be necessary through regular game play.

The Combo King achievement
This is the only achievement that requires any type of in game setup before it can be completed. This achievement is for earning a x20 multiplier bonus, which come from consecutive digs into collectibles in the game. Setup is as simple as digging up to items until it will only take one more movement to collect the item, and setting up a path to ensure that the next 20 digs you make will all collect items. The items do not even have to be close or next to each other; as long as the 20 items are collected with no interruption then the achievement will unlock as intended.

The Meet the Team achievement
This is the secret achievement of the game. There are nine collectibles required to meet requirements to unlock the achievement. These collectibles are seen as white, 8-bit renditions of the developers and are found in sets of three on the Amazon, Antarctic, and Oceanic levels. As with the rest of the collectibles, each unique collectible must be gathered once in order to receive credit for the achievement. Ensure to save progress before leaving the game for any reason.

One final warning on collectibles
There is one thing to be mindful of while making progress towards all collectible achievements. If at any time your cargo is full, any digs collected while your cargo is full is discarded until the cargo is emptied at home base. This also means that YOU WILL NOT GET CREDIT for any new collectibles picked up after you have been warned that your cargo needs to be emptied. Always carry two teleport consumables once the item is available and you have the disposable cash to do so; one to teleport back to base, and one to teleport to the checkmark you left on your map before leaving base.

For the price of admission, I Dig It will keep you well entertained for a lengthy 10-15 hours if you are going for the full 200 point completion. The game is designed to have you parked on your phone for 2-3 hours for every campaign level so be sure to have the phone plugged into external power before attempting to play this game.
[x360a would like to thank Ryot Control for this roadmap]

I Dig It Achievement Guide

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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Complete the Amazonian expedition.

    The final quest of the Amazon expedition requires you to resurface after rescuing your grandpa from the clutches of the evil Amazonian ant empire. If going for collectibles, simply avoid the area where Grandpa is waiting for you.

  • Complete the Antarctic expedition.

    The final quest in the Antarctic expedition asks you to find the true crown of Atlantis. The true crown is actually not the first one you find, but the second one. Ensure that you do not dig up the Ornate crown, which is yellow instead of white if you are trying to complete the artifact collection and/or locate the three developer heads in the level.

  • Complete your collection of Aztec artifacts from the Amazonian expedition.

    Included are screenshots of complete collections for each expedition. Locations for items are random, unless they are quest items which can be found in the same general area. Collection achievements all pop the moment you acquire the last item of the collection.

  • Complete the Cavern expedition.

    The same as the Farm except that it requires 100,000 and that you have a four hour time frame to achieve it, which is plenty of time.

  • Achieve a 20x multiplier.

    Multiplier bonuses are earned by digging up consecutive items back to back. You must dig up 20 items consecutively to unlock this achievement. What the achievement does not explain is that the items do not have to be next to each other. It’s as easy as prepping a tunnel route where you can easily move from one section to the next to get to additional items to dig.

  • Dig 5000 square meters of dirt.

    Every movement through dirt will count as one square meter. 5000 square meters will come through natural game play.

  • Complete the Egyptian expedition.

    The same as the Farm except that it requires 100,000 and that you have a four hour time frame to achieve it, which is plenty of time.

  • Complete your collection of Egyptian artifacts.


    See Aztecologist

  • Collect 30 small ants and 10 large ants from the Amazonian expedition.

    You need to collect 30 small ants and 10 big ants from the Amazon level. This involves nuking them with the bug bomb which you buy at the consumables store, collecting the dead ant and returning it to base for cash. The Amazon expedition requires you to only collect 7 ants in total, so a few quick play runs can help fulfill requirements to earn this achievement.

  • Collect your first Diggin.

    This achievement will pop the moment you dig through your first item.

  • Dig 500 square meters of dirt.

    See Earth Mover

  • Complete your collection of artifacts from the Antarctic.


    See Aztecologist

  • Complete your collection of the junk diggins from the Farm.


    See Aztecologist

  • Safely discharge 25 gas pockets.

    This achievement needs to be done on the Antarctic level. Gas pockets are identified as green clouds in the rock. To properly discharge them, you must dig completely around them before the timer runs out. A majority of this achievement will be done during the campaign run, but can also be grinded by selecting the Antarctic level on quick play, saving at home base after completing one and repeating the level.

  • Collect 100 mushrooms from the Cavern expedition.

    Mushrooms are plentiful in the Cavern level. Provided that you are mindful to dig up the mushrooms during the level, this achievement can be obtained during your campaign run. Progress can be checked in the museum and adding up the total mushrooms collected.

  • Complete the Oceanic expedition.

    The final quest for the Oceanic expedition requires you to resurface after picking up the lost treasure (which is one of the required collectibles for the level). Just like the rest, refrain from picking up the treasure if you intend to complete collectibles and or search for the three developer heads.

  • Complete your collection of pirate artifacts from the Oceanic expedition.


    See Aztecologist

  • Save the Farm.

    The expedition requires you to bank a total of 50,000 in your reserves. Any cash used does not count towards the achievement. No time limit or restrictions for the first expedition.

  • Plug 10 geothermal vents in the Oceanic exedition.

    This achievement needs to be done on the Oceanic level. Vents are identified as a hole in the ground where currents of bubbles originate. This achievement can easily be obtained through a regular expedition completion, but can also be grinded by selecting the Oceanic level on quick play, saving at home base after buying a plug and using it on the vent right below base and repeating the level.


Secret achievements

  • Found all of that Developer tokens.


    There are nine total tokens to collect, and are in sets of three on the Oceanic, Antarctic, and Amazonian expeditions. They are usually found at the lowest part of the expedition level. There was only one fairly hidden token that can be missed on the Oceanic level, and requires the planting of a sticky bomb to destroy a dirt wall where the water current junction separates in the room where the other two developer heads are hidden. The other eight can be found with relative ease and due diligence. The achievement will unlock the moment the last developer head is acquired.

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