- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Estimated time for 1000: <5 hours
- Offline: 41
- Online: 0
- Minimum playthroughs: 1
- Missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: None

Road Map
Ice Age 3 is a fun,and very easy, 1000 points and can easily be completed fully in 4 to 5 hours. Thanks to the game design, you can replay any level or challenge as many times as you like so if you miss a crystal, it is a simple case of replaying the level. As soon as the crystal is collected,the game saves it so you need never collect it again (you can't anyway as they vanish for good on that save once collected). Check my crystal locations walkthrough, HERE.

With that in mind, the road map is very short and linear. Start off by simply selecting "Extras" from the main menu and then "Credits. You don't have to watch them all through as the chiev pops up straight away.

After that, simply play through each level of the game, making note of which levels have a challenge associated with them. The first one you unlock is "Diego's Challenge". There aren't any actual challenges by this name, however, it is the Pursuit challenge it wants. It's a good idea to do the challenges straight after finishing the level in story mode as your mind will be fresh on the level layout and what needs to be done. Bear in mind, 99% of the challenges are very straightforward and will not require more than a couple of attempts by most to get them. A few however can be tricky. Check my guide for some tips and tricks to help you along. You can find the guide HERE.

Whilst playing the story, make sure to collect all the berries and fruit so you can purchase the coloured crystals from the store. These are counted for the crystals achievements. If you break open everything, kill all enemies and pick up all loose fruit, you will easily have enough to buy them as they appear. If not, simply replay the level Noisy Nightlife as this easy level will net you over 1000 berries every time.

Once the main story is completed and all crystals are collected, clear up any challenges you may have missed and you will be sitting at 1000 points.

x360a would like to thank ponypo2001 for this road map

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Achievement Guide

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There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Collect all 16 Cyan Crystals



    See Dedicated Collector.

  • Collect all 16 Purple Crystals



    See Dedicated Collector.

  • Collect all 16 Amber Crystals



    See Dedicated Collector.

  • Collect all 16 Red Crystals



    See Dedicated Collector.

  • Collect all 16 Blue Crystals



    See Dedicated Collector.

  • Collect all 5 sets of 16 crystals


    Click Here for my full guide to all crystal locations.Thanks to Jusme2001 for writing them down as I narrated.

  • Complete Sid's Early Start


    Nice easy tutorial level which will also net you 3 cyan crystals automatically. Just follow the onscreen instructions and nab as much fruit as possible to increase the size of your health bar and buy crystals when they appear. Take note of the rings of stones on the floor as if you slam attack these, they will unearth a circle of apples to collect.

  • Complete Baby Proofing


    Simply sling mud on the spikes,throw leaves on the rocks and melt the icicles. After that, dig up the tree trunks with the mammoth and then ride the rhino's into the rocks. Again, follow the onscreen instructions and you can't go wrong.

  • Complete The Pursuit


    This level can be over on or just before the timer hits 1:19 if you're quick. However, make the chase last till you've picked up all 3 crystals otherwise you will have to replay the level. Jump the water and powerslide the tight corners to make this a breeze.

  • Complete Lonesome Sloth


    This level has you lighting torches,burning spider webs, killing bats and spiders. The usual platform fare. Just follow the wisps and you'll be through in no time. Also shoot the spider cocoons for pears.

  • Complete Egg Roll


    These levels may seem tough to some at first but are really easy once you get the hang of things. For story mode, take it steady on narrow ledges. When you have to fight the birds, lure them to you near an edge and let their own momentum send them to their doom as you step to the side. To get up to the left side of the hole tunnel in Egg Roll 3, roll left and right till you gather enough momentum to get up.

  • Complete Run Sid Run!


    One of those awful "run into the screen" levels. If you've played Ratatouille, you know the score. Just run as fast as you can and jump and dodge a lot. Following the pattern of fruit will save you from dropping down holes.

  • Complete Nuts About Scratte


    A cool side scrolling level with 2 squirrels. Nice and straightforward. Just make your way to the right and jump a lot. All controls are explained via an in game tutorial so you'll be fine.

  • Complete Buck to the Rescue


    New character for this one. Imagine Indiana Jones as a weasel and you have Buck. Only real peril on this level is the spiked vines. Simply jump over them while crossing the vines and you'll avoid a nasty prick in the bottom (ooer).

  • Complete Flower Power


    This level introduces you to a new gun for Buck. A water squirter which makes dead things live again (well leaves anyway) and also cleans branches. Again, it's a straigtforward level. When you have to face the beehive, just strafe side to side from a distance and blast it with your pollen gun.

  • Complete Root of all Evil


    Start by strafing and shooting the spitting plants and vines. Once that's done,use your lychees on the seed pods. Next phase you need to shoot the petals till they droop down then grab on with your whip as prompted and yank them off. Make sure to stand a little back so you don't get hit on the head. Avoid the acid by rolling and destroy the vines that appear.

    When the game says to cover yourself in goop, run back to one of the small blue and yellow flowers in the background and press Y to coat yourself in crap. Then run up the vine and jump into the flower to kill the boss.

  • Complete Scrat's Jungle Jive


    Same as the previous level really, just a little longer. Same rules apply as last time. Make sure to smack the rock circles on the floor for pears and a nice fruit boost.

  • Complete Expect the Unexpected!


    Another beehive on this level and the same rules apply. You also get to ride a Pachysaur which can smash breakable walls just like the rhino. It can also stomp enemies but you're better off whipping the sods. Much quicker.

  • Complete Noisy Nightlife


    Best level in the game IMO and THE best place to farm for fruit if you need some cash. Just mash the fire button and blast all the dino's as they appear. If you take damage, make sure to shoot the strawberries to replenish your health. Also note, the big dinosaurs are worth a lot of cherries (and also a crystal each) if you take off all their health.

  • Complete Flight of the Pterodactyl


    A neat little take on side scrolling shooters here. Make sure to pick up all the power-ups as they are scattered conveniently along the level. Use your ground bombs to take out ground enemies and shoot everything for fruit. If you've played R-Type, you'll breeze it.

  • Complete Saving Sid


    Another different level. Just shoot everything. Plant pods hold lots of fruit and health. When you fight the beehive, use your homing missiles on it to deal a lot of damage fast. For the end section, again use your homing missiles and try and shoot as many pterosaurs as possible while you are killing the plants and riding through the cloud rings.

  • Complete Rudy's Revenge


    Just like Run Sid Run! but dino seems a little hungrier this time. Not so many holes this time so stick to the centre most of the time and jump like a flea to save you singing your tootsies on the lava.

  • Complete Scrat's Tar Pit Trouble


    The final side scrolling scrat scenario (say that 5 times without messing up). Just like the other two so nothing more to add. Just watch out at the tar bubbles part as this can be a little awkward.

  • Complete Grave Danger


    Hardest level in the game, if only due to the crappiness of the wall jump about halfway through which 50% of the time spins the camera around and makes you drop into the tar. Just take it steady and remember on the final boulder roll section to take the last part slowly else you will fall and die.

  • Complete Skeleton Bridge


    Last boss of the game. Very very easy. Use your bazooka to blow up the flowers then use your whip to pull down the stalagtite onto the dino's head. After each successful smack, keep running round to the next section and reapeat till cooked.

  • Complete the Ice Age Levels


    This will pop after finishing the Nuts About Scratte level and marks the first set of levels complete.

  • Complete the levels below the Ice


    This unlocks after the Skeleton Bridge level and concludes the levels.

  • Complete the Game


    After finishing the last boss, skip through the screens and you will get the game complete screen and your achievement.

  • View the Credits

    Easiest achievement in the game. Simply go Extra's at the main menu and then view the credits. You don't need to watch all the way through, just till you hear the ding.
  • Complete Diego's Challenge in under 45 seconds


    This requires you to complete the Pursuit! level under 45 seconds. Very very easy. Just make sure to use LB to powerslide the tight corners and jump the water. You should be able to grab him at around 1:19 on the clock.

  • Complete Egg Roll Challenge 1 in under 40 seconds


    Certainly the easiest egg roll challenge,you should get this easily. The time to beat is 40 seconds. Don't ever stop moving and with a little level memorization, you will be fine.

  • Complete Egg Roll Challenge 2 in under 1 minute 15 seconds


    Certainly quite a challenge at first. Time to beat is 1:15. The real time sink is killing the birds. However, just bait them to the edges and roll out of the way as they roll at you. If you keep moving at full pelt and pass the birds quickly, just be careful on the last ice section as at full speed, you will slide all over. If you are sliding towards the holes in the ice, jump and this will often save you.

  • Complete Egg Roll Challenge 3 in under 1 minute 45 seconds


    Hands down toughest achievement in the game. This will take a few attempts and is pretty bloody annoying. You need to do the level under 1:45 and that's no mean task. My best time is 1:37 and that took a LOT of attempts. You want to be dropping down the hole at around 27-28 seconds. You then want to try and get up onto the left side of the hole tunnel in one go. Swing to the right and then straight to the left. If you get it just right you will save a lot of time here. Bait the first 2 birds and hopefully be at around 1 minute or under. Ensure you have enough snow in the snowball to cross the twig bridges and bait the next 2 birds off the edge. Roll down to the ice where they spawn and then dodge to the side. They should both be down at around 1:30-1:34. That gives you just enough time to roll to the exit.

    Stick with it, this is tough but once you get the rhythm of things, it's not as bad as it seems.

  • Complete Nuts About Scratte Challenge in under 1 minute


    The same rule applies for all the Scrat challenges. Memorize the level and they are a total breeze. Just keep moving right and jump, jump, jump. Target time is 1 minute.

  • Complete Scrat's Jungle Jive Challenge in under 2 minutes 15 seconds


    A little tougher than the first level. Time to beat is 2:15. Quite doable once you know the level layout well enough. Just don't waste time in the vents. You want to be in them as little time as possible. You'll find this really helps your times.

  • Complete Scrat's Tar Pit Trouble Challenge in under 2 minutes


    The hardest of the three but still not too tough at all. Only part I hated was the tar bubble part as I was always too fast for them to be at optimal height. My advice is to wait till they are sensible height and then jump. Being brash here will end your challenge fast. You also want to get up the treetrunk with the hornet in it in 1 go. Ignore where the hornet is and immediately wall jump and you will leap over him and save valuable seconds.

  • Complete Saving Sid Challenge in under 2 minutes 50 seconds


    This is also quite a tough one with a tight time limit. You need to finish the 3 mission objectives in under 2 minutes 50. When I did it, I did it with 3 seconds to spare. You really want to try and learn where the majority of the plants are and while going for them and the cloud rings, make sure you are taking down pterosaur's too as you don't want to be playing catch-up with those once everything else is done. If you can, pick up the homing missiles to save you a couple of seconds here and there.

  • Score 350 or more in the Run Sid Run! Challenge


    No time to beat on this one. Now you need to collect enough fruit to total 350. Even if you miss a lot of fruit, you'll still probably get this easily so don't sweat it.

  • Score 700 or more in the Noisy Nightlife Challenge


    Easiest challenge of them all. You only need 700 but you will almost certainly be hitting over 1000 by the time its out. To make sure,completely decimate the large dinosaurs for a big score boost.

  • Score 700 or more in the Flight of the Pterodactyl Challenge


    Score of 700 needed here. If you make sure to shoot all rock mounds, fruit in the trees and enemies you'll easily have enough. Basically, if it moves, shoot it. If it doesn't, shoot it anyway.

  • Score 450 or more in the Rudy's Revenge Challenge


    This one is much tighter than the last one. You need a score of 450 meaning you need to be grabbing a lot more fruit. Make sure you are grabbing almost all the apples and pears and you should be good. Might take a couple of goes to learn placements.

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