Defeated the Allcat Achievement

  • Defeated the Allcat



    Defeated the Allcat

    The Allcat is located below the heavy stones in the Dueling Class, one screen up from the entrance. You will need a total Power rating of 100 to lift all of the stones. I was Level 22 with all the best equipment on Ima and was just over 100. Once you lift the stones, head all the way down the stairs to reach the Allcat. There is a Traveler tree on the other side of the Allcat's room to get back more quickly next time.

    To actually fight the Allcat, you will need to be wearing five specific pieces of equipment when you talk to it. One piece of equipment each can be found behind the Allcat doors throughout Ikenfell, but to open these you first need to get the Allkey, which requires all ten Sparkly Gems. Use these gems to open the blue chest next to the Gem Accessory trader in the basement outside of Stoc 'n' Barrel (right next to the Traveler tree). Then use that key to open the five Allcat doors to get the equipment, put it all on one character, and speak to the Allcat to initiate the fight. Locations of the Gems and Doors can be found HERE.


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