Defeated the Specters Achievement

  • Defeated the Specters



    Defeated the Specters

    To challenge the Specters, you will first need to complete the side-quest from Gwenora. You first encounter this face blocking a door and the face will move as part of the story. It moves to the entrance of the cemetery, and you can speak to it there to start a scavenger hunt side-quest. It will show you a zoomed in picture and you will need to find the corresponding location in the game. The locations are as follows:

    • Cemetery, left headstone
    • Schoolyard, western exit
    • Library, third room
    • Southern dorms, to the left of Rook's room
    • Northern dorms, Abednego Family Room
    • Twilight tower, telescope at top
    • The Roost, room with candles
    • Gardens, third screen to the left
    • Spelltower, from tree at top go about five screens down
    • Allcat Layer, two floors up from the room with the cats

    Once you have found all the locations (one at a time, returning to Gwenora each time), you will be rewarded with the Echo Heart item. With this in your inventory, you can now challenge the Specters. Go to the eastern Bathroom in the Spirit Oval, and proceed through the invisible wall at the bottom of the room. Interact with the mirror in this room to fight and defeat this optional boss.

    Note: I would highly suggest just using Victory Mode on this boss unless you want a challenge. The trick to this fight is that you need to kill all of the specters consecutively, or they will revive with half health and the fight will take forever.


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