Found the Book of Alchemy Achievement

  • Found the Book of Alchemy



    Found the Book of Alchemy

    The Book of Alchemy is hidden in The Stacks. You will first learn about this from Bea if you find her in the lowest left screen of the Ikenfell Grounds outside The Roost. I don't think you need to speak with her first to find the book though. Inside The Stacks, you will come to a room with security eyes that you need to sneak past, and one of them is stationary. Get past this room and complete the location by defeating the boss, then return to this room. The eyes will now be gone, and the bookcase that was behind the stationary eye can be used to find a hidden room. Head inside to find the book inside a chest along the top of the next room. The image below is where the stationary eye was standing and shows the entrance behind the movable bookcase.


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