The Egg Hunters Achievement

  • The Egg Hunters



    Help find all 10 floating eggs with the fly while playing cooperatively

    The floating eggs will be found in local multiplayer mode in the First Campaign Book. In this mode, one player will control ilo and milo, while the other player will be a fly. To get this achievement, you will therefore need to play as two players. You can set up the controls for each before launching the mode, so this only needs one person. Once the level the egg is located on is loaded, locate the egg, take control of the second player, and move the fly over the egg shaped objects to shoot them with the controls you set up. Once you collected the egg, the level select map will show that you have collected it.

    A video of the levels and where the eggs are in them can be seen on Youtube by Rooster Teeth here.

    Full locations:

    Chapter 1:

    • "Greenscape" (1st in top row)
    • "In Bloom" (2nd in middle row)
    • "Flowerbed" (3rd in bottom row)

    Chapter 2:

    • "Marine Blue" (1st in middle row) - Pan below the map
    • "Aquatic Song" (3rd in top row)

    Chapter 3:

    • "Scribbled World" (1st in top row) - Pan below the map
    • "Floating Cardboard Box" (2nd in middle row)
    • "Sketchy Sky" (3rd in top row)

    Chapter 4:

    • "Nebula" (1st in top row)
    • "Cradle" (1st in bottom row)

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