- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 with video guides (5/10 without video guides)
- Offline: 20 (200/200 )
- Online: 0 (0/0 )
- Approximate amount of time to 200 : 5-6 hours with video guides (9-11 hours without)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (1 for Single Player, 1 for co-op)
- Number of missable achievements: None (ability to replay any level)
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheat codes
- Does difficulty affect achievements? No difficutly
- Extra equipment needed? Windows 8/RT

ilomilo plus is a fun puzzle game that requires you to reunite two friends, ilo and milo. You control ilo and milo, one character at a time. You will need to switch between the characters in order to unite them and complete the levels. ilomilo plus is different from ilomilo in that it is beefed up with additional fun levels, two exciting new chapters and three new challenging cubes only available on Windows 8/RT!

Step 1: The First Story
The First Story in ilomilo consists of 4 chapters, each with 9 levels and 3 bonus levels. In each level you must reunite ilo and milo by traveling through the cubs and using the different blocks presented to you to solve puzzles. Each level consists of 3 different colored safkas that you will need to collect in order to unlock the bonus levels in that chapter. Doing so will gain you the achievements, "King of Yellow" and "The Hunter". First however, you will need to complete the tutorial, which will net you an achievement, and then the first regular level which will net you another two achievements, one for completing it, and one for collecting every colored safka. After the first level you will also want to knock out, "Let's Do That Again" for improving your score in a level. There are five achievements that relate to completing the chapters, and you will get these through natural progression. Once you reach chapter 3, you will want to attempt the "You're In The Way" achievement for defeating a nabber on the last turn of a level, and also you will want to unlock Ilomilo Shuffle, an extra minigame, by looking at the "Something Else" achievement solution. All in all, The First Story should net you around 10 achievements upon full completion.

Step 2: Berry Story
Berry Story is the second single player story that can be played at any time (you are not required to beat The First Story to access it) and should give you seven achievements. The achievements for Berry Story however are not as straight forward as The First Story, and require you do some freaky tasks in order to get them. Luckily for us, a Youtube user, "Unlock30" has posted achievement videos on Youtube that explain how to get some of these tricky achievements. These video guides aren't to discourage you from trying to get them without a guide, but they are there if you don't want to get as aggravated with the game as you would doing them without one.

Step 3: Co-Op/Mop Up
The last two pieces of the game are to play Co-Op mode and ilomilo shuffle. Co-op mode is needed to get, "The Egg Hunters" , which requires you to get ten eggs from ten different levels in The First Story playing with a partner. This achievement will require you to get to the fourth chapter of that story as well, but it can easily be done just by beating the minimal amount of levels to move on, and by following the solution. Ilomilo Shuffle, after unlocked from chapter 3 in The First Story by following the solution to "Something Different", still needs to be played in order for the achievement to pop, so you can do that at any point after unlock.

You'll want to start mopping up missing achievement by now if you missed any. Any level can be replayed again for more experience, to located the missing safkas, and to get the odd achievements from Berry Story.

Ilomilo plus is a great game that provides you with hours of fun. The achievements are fairly easy if you use Youtube video walkthrough for the levels and for the quirky achievements. If you are doing them yourself, it will be a little more difficult and time consuming, but you should still enjoy the difficultness and cuteness of many of the levels.


[x360a would like to thank Judge_Bergan for this road map]

ilomilo plus Achievement Guide

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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Complete a level

    This should be the second achievement you get during the game. It is a little misleading as you might expect a tutorial level to count as a "level", but it does not. You will need to complete your first level in Chapter 1 to unlock this.

  • Complete the tutorial

    This is the first achievement you will get. There are three levels in the tutorial, once you beat them, press the arrow on the right side of the page to advance to Chapter 1 and this achievment will unlock.

  • Get to chapter 2

    See "Smelly Jelly".

  • Get to chapter 3

    See "Smelly Jelly".

  • Get to chapter 4

    In other words, clear the previous chapter. Each chapter consists of 9 normal levels, and once you have beaten at least six levels in a chapter, you will be able to select the right arrow at the right side of the page and advance to the next chapter. The achievements will pop once you enter that new chapter. It is not required to complete the three bonus levels at the end of each chapter either, but you will want to complete them if going for "The Hunter" achievement.

  • Help find all 10 floating eggs with the fly while playing cooperatively

    The floating eggs will be found in local multiplayer mode in the First Campaign Book. In this mode, one player will control ilo and milo, while the other player will be a fly. To get this achievement, you will therefore need to play as two players. You can set up the controls for each before launching the mode, so this only needs one person. Once the level the egg is located on is loaded, locate the egg, take control of the second player, and move the fly over the egg shaped objects to shoot them with the controls you set up. Once you collected the egg, the level select map will show that you have collected it.

    A video of the levels and where the eggs are in them can be seen on Youtube by Rooster Teeth here.

    Full locations:

    Chapter 1:

    • "Greenscape" (1st in top row)
    • "In Bloom" (2nd in middle row)
    • "Flowerbed" (3rd in bottom row)

    Chapter 2:

    • "Marine Blue" (1st in middle row) - Pan below the map
    • "Aquatic Song" (3rd in top row)

    Chapter 3:

    • "Scribbled World" (1st in top row) - Pan below the map
    • "Floating Cardboard Box" (2nd in middle row)
    • "Sketchy Sky" (3rd in top row)

    Chapter 4:

    • "Nebula" (1st in top row)
    • "Cradle" (1st in bottom row)
  • Unlock Playroom Escapade

    Playroom Escapade is the second chapter of Berry Story. It is unlocked by completing 6 levels in the first chapter of Berry Story. You don't have to worry about collecting the safkas or any of the collectibles, you just have to beat six levels and unlock chapter 2. Once you advance to chapter 2 you will get this achievement.

  • Complete the game

    You will need to complete every chapter in the First Book in order to complete the game. That means you need to beat at least six levels in each chapter. In chapter 4, once you beat your sixth level, the last level will unlock. Simply beat that level and you will have completed the game. Some of the later chapters get rather difficult, so take your time. If you are ever stuck, there are plenty of walkthroughs available on Youtube that will show you exactly how to complete each level.

  • Collect one safka of each color

    Collect one yellow, one green, and one blue safka total. This can easily be completed in Chapter 1 during one of the first levels of The First Story.

  • Collect all yellow safkas

    Collect Yellow Safkas from every level in the chapters. Once you collect every yellow safka, this will unlock.

  • Complete all bonus levels

    Each of the chapters have 3 bonus levels that will become available once you collect all of the safkas in that chapter. Each of the bonus levels per chapter correspond to a certain color safka, and once that color safka is fully collected from that chapter it will become available. The bonus levels are large and will take more time than some normal levels, so feel free to check Youtube if you are stuck and need help. Complete all the bonus levels for this to unlock.

  • Experience all memories

    There are 6 total chapters and each one has it's own memory to be unlocked, so there are 6 total memories to unlock.

    You will experience a portion of the memory for the chapter for each time you fill the top left meter. To fill the meter you need to collect flowers that are scattered throughout the levels. As you collect the flowers the meter increases. To unlock a complete memory you will need to fill the meter 4 times, therefore unlocking the 4 portions of the memory for that chapter.

    Do not worry if you have completed the last level in a chapter and your memory has not been completed, as you can replay and of the levels and the flowers will reset and allow you to continue to collect them and fill the meter the last bit if you need.

  • Play ilomilo shuffle

    In order to play ilomilo shuffle you will first need to unlock it by finding it in the Story Book. ilomilo shuffle is found in Chapter 3 on the level "wet ink"(3rd middle). You should collect it in the process of completing the level. Once found, beat the level then return to the main menu where you will see the padlock gone from the ilomilo shuffle option in single player (option 3). Select the mode, play a game, and once over, hit "enter" in order for the game to register as complete and the achievement will pop.

  • Beat your previous score on a level

    This achievement can easily be gained on the first level in chapter 1, although any chapter/level will work as well. Basically just make sure your movement count is very high for the level (switch back and forth between blocks often before uniting ilo and milo) and then complete the level. Once completed, select the level again and this time unite ilo and milo while taking less steps than you did previously and the achievement will unlock.

  • Complete the level "playroom" in Playroom Escapade in less than 200 steps

    This achievement is obtained in Berry Story, specifically the second chapter, Playroom Escapade, level "playroom" (the third bonus level, bottom right). This level must be done in less than 200 steps, so take your time and only move where you need to. It may take you a few tries to do this as you get more comfortable with the level. If you wish however, User "Unlock30" on Youtube has made a guide on the steps that they took to complete the level in under 200. Following this guide should land you around the same steps they did (177), which will be well under the 200.


  • Defeat a Nabber in the same move as you complete a level

    Nabbers are creatures that capture a safka and you need to chase them down and corner them to free the safka. For this achievement you'll want to grab the nabber right as ilo and milo meet up, thus ending the level. They first appear in Chapter 3 in the first level, "Cut and Paste". This achievement can easily be obtained in this level. You'll want to start by moving ilo down the spiral all the way to where the Nabber is. Use the first cube to cross the gap,then collect the second cube and use them to bridge the large gap. Now, switch to milo and bring him down his path. Grab the flying block with milo and place it in the hole behind it and stand on it to fly over to where the nabber and ilo are. Now, all you need to do is corner the Nabber. Use ilo to block off a pathway then use milo to chase the nabber towards the dead end. The nabber should now be up against ilo and just go on top of him to "defeat" him and meet up with ilo in the same turn.

  • Fully load piccolo

    In ilomilo, Piccolo is a creature that you can stack blocks on. You can stack them on its top, left, and right sides. In order to get this achievement you have to fully load Piccolo with the blocks in the level. This can be done in the second chapter of Berry Story, "Playroom Escapade", specifically the level, "out in the air" (3rd in the middle row).

    If you are having trouble getting this one, there is a guide to it on Youtube by user "Unlock30" that should show you how to get this.


  • Turn one cube into three, using only two mirror cubes

    This achievement requires some clever thinking in order to use two mirror cubes to create three cubes out of one cube in a level. This achievement can be done in the second chapter of Berry Story, "Playroom Escapade", specifically the level, "the great castle".

    If you are having trouble getting this one, there is a guide to it on Youtube from user "Unlock30" that will help you get it.


  • Walk 70 steps in a row with the same mimic attached. No backtracking allowed

    This achievement can be obtained in Berry Story, specifically the second chapter, Playroom Escapade, level "playroom" (the third bonus level, bottom right).

    If you need help then check this Youtube video from user "Unlock30" on how to get this.


  • Eat all the apples on Apple Mayhem

    Apple Mayham is found by accessing Berry Story, as it is the first level in the top row. In order to get this achievement you have to get the creature in the level to eat all of the apples, the big green blocks, that are in your way.

    You should be able to get this easily, but if not, here is a helpful Youtube video by "Unlock30" that shows how to complete this.

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