Bird's-Eye View Achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • Bird's-Eye View



    Unfog the whole map.

    How to unlock Bird's-Eye View

    Unfogging a portion of the map is done when you reach an Ascension Point. You will be required to unfog Clashing Rocks, Valley of Eternal Springs, War's Den, Grove of Kleos, and The Forgelands as part of story progression. The two areas you won't be required to unfog are King's Peak and Gates of Tartaros.

    The Ascension Point for King's Peak is on the southern central portion of the island, and it's a giant bird statue. You may need to progress the story to the point where you ascend King's Peak to be able to reach the island and climb up the bird statue.

    The Ascension Point for Gates of Tartaros isn't an obvious structure; it's just a large rock outcropping. It's located on the southern rim of the vault entrance up top. From the fast travel point on the rim, head around the rim to the southern point and you should discover the Ascension Point, and then head to it to complete it.

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