To Good Health Achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • To Good Health



    Fully upgrade your Health.

    How to unlock To Good Health

    Health is upgraded at the Hall of the Gods by placing ambrosia in the kylix with the red health bar above it. You will need a total of 90 ambrosia to fully upgrade your health. There are two places to find ambrosia: scattered around the Golden Isle, or in chests in God Vaults. The latter chests are missable, but they aren't required; there is more ambrosia in the game than is required for this achievement, so you don't need to collect every single one. That being said, you do need to collect most of them. Unfortunately, the only way to mark ambrosia on your map is to use analog-right.png to enter far sight and then reveal them with rt.png when you scan over one. I highly recommend taking a few minutes at each fast travel point to spin around and scan the area, marking every possible thing you can. Doing so will ensure you find enough ambrosia around the Golden Isle to obtain this achievement. In general ambrosia is found on top of structures, out at the edge of cliffs, etc. So always check high, on top of things.

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