Projectile Pro Achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • Projectile Pro



    Defeat a flying enemy with any thrown object.

    How to unlock Projectile Pro

    As the description says, you need to kill any flying enemy with any object you can pick up. This can be done as early as you want in the game. The flying Harpy enemies that you'll encounter all around the Golden Isle will easily die from a thrown rock, for example. This can be done by picking up a rock, getting close enough, then holding rt.png to charge your throw. Take aim and make sure you hit the Harpy. It may take a couple tries to hit the Harpy, but it's entirely possible. 

    To make this achievement easier, these is a skill you can purchase at the Hall of the Gods with Charon Coins that allows you to throw an object at a targeted enemy at the expense of one stamina chunk. This skill eliminates the need to manually aim, making this achievement just a matter of finding a rock near a Harpy. 

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