C-C-C-Combo Achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • C-C-C-Combo



    Reach the final Combo stage.

    How to unlock C-C-C-Combo

    Before you can unlock this achievement, you will first need to complete Ares' questline. Doing so unlocks his final blessing, which unlocks a new combo stage upon reaching an 84-hit combo. Once that's done, you then need to reach an 84-hit combo to unlock this achievement.

    One thing that isn't required but makes this far easier is to obtain the Brood of Typhon armor. If you level your armor up to level 4, this armor gives a 10% chance to add +12 to your combo meter, which significantly reduces the amount of time you need to last without getting hit. 

    The best enemies to obtain this achievement on are either legendary bosses or corrupted heroes. Both types of bosses have a very high amount of health, such that even fully upgraded weapons won't kill them too quickly. It's best to make a save before fighting a boss, attempt this achievement, and if you fail you can reload your save and try again. Don't get greedy with hits, especially because combo finishers are slow and can't be dodge-cancelled. The bosses telegraph their attacks pretty obviously, so just make sure you dodge in time. The other blessings you get from Ares before you can attempt this achievement also make this easier, since you can take a hit without losing your combo, and you can dodge away and come back without losing your combo. 

    If you don't manage it at all as you progress, the final boss of the game is a great option for getting this achievement. Its massive health and huge hit box as well as its obvious attacks make it a great candidate for reaching a combo this high. 

    One final option, if you've managed to kill every boss in the game and don't have this achievement, or if you still find yourself killing bosses too quickly, is to turn up the difficulty in the options menu. Enemies will take more hits to kill, and this should give you more time to build a combo up. As soon as you reach 84 hits, this achievement will unlock mid combo. 

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