Look, No Hands! Achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • Look, No Hands!



    Defeat 10 enemies using traps inside the Vaults of Tartaros.

    How to unlock Look, No Hands!


    The reason I have marked this achievement as missable is because once you collect all treasures in a Vault of Tartaros, it becomes sealed and you cannot reenter it. Since there are a finite number of Vaults in the game, this can be missed. 

    As the description says, you'll need to use traps to kill 10 enemies across any numbers of Vaults. Unfortunately, finding a Vault with both enemies and traps you can use is pretty rare. You will likely encounter some Vaults with enemies but inactive traps, and unfortunately the wall sconces that shoot fireballs don't count as traps. Only floor spikes and wall lasers count for this achievement. As a result, absolutely be sure to take your first possible opportunity to get this achievement. One such opportunity is after you complete Ares' questline. He will then give you two side quests (which need to be completed for another achievement). One involves finding a jar for him. When you return the jar to Ares, you'll enter it, and it plays just like a Vault. The Arena within has floor spikes and plenty of enemies. Simply bait them to the floor spikes and let them die from the spikes. Remember, if they die from the fireballs, that won't count for this achievement. There are more than 10 enemies, so you can get all kills in this one Vault. 

    Other opportunities for this achievement are:
    • Arena of Bravery in northern The Forgelands
    • Arena of Agility southeast of the big lyre in the Grove of Kleos
    • Dolos' Stage of Trickery during Athena's questline (note that you must shoot the targets with your arrows to activate the traps)
    • Arena of Finesse in the southwestern corner of King's Peak
    • Arena of Fortitude in the southern part of the Valley of Eternal Springs
    As of my writing of this guide, these are the only known Vaults to obtain this achievement in, so make sure you do it as soon as you get a chance.

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