Hades's New Neighbor Achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • Hades's New Neighbor



    Complete 25 Vaults of Tartaros.

    How to unlock Hades's New Neighbor

    You will be introduced to Vaults of Tartaros during the prologue. They are red pits you can jump into, and are mini dungeons with platforming, puzzle, and/or combat challenges. You can spot them from Ascension Points to have them marked on your map, but even if you don't, when you're around 300m from one it'll be shown on your compass.

    To complete the story you will need to complete multiple Vaults of Tartaros, making significant progress towards this achievement. You will need to complete many Vaults of Tartaros to obtain enough Zeus Lightning to fully upgrade your stamina, but nowhere near all of them. 

    There are far more than 25 Vaults in the game, but you'll unlock this achievement once you've completed 25 of them. Note that this achievement only requires that you obtain the Zeus Lightning at the end, and doesn't require you to obtain optional chests. It's definitely in your best interest to get the optional chests in all Vaults though, as you'll need to do so in 22 Vaults to complete one of Hermes' tasks on his task board. 

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