Shard Miner Achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • Shard Miner



    Destroy 10 Shards Clusters.

    How to unlock Shard Miner

    Shard Clusters are the crystal plants you'll stumble across as you explore Golden Isle. They aren't very common, so it's worth it to destroy each one you see. The easiest way to spot them is while gliding from a high point, you may see a shimmer of light near the ground. This is a shard cluster, and is really the only way to identify them; there's no way to mark them on your map like other lootables. As a result, you should take every opportunity to destroy them when you find them, not only for this achievement, but the purple and red ones really help with weapon upgrades. Destroy a cumulative total of 10 to unlock this achievement. 

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