Armed and Dangerous Achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • Armed and Dangerous



    Fully upgrade everything at the Forge of Hephaistos.

    How to unlock Armed and Dangerous

    At the Forge of Hephaistos in the Hall of the Gods, you can upgrade your swords, axes, bows, helmets, armors, arrow capacity, and potion capacity. Each one requires adamantine shards to upgrade. The requires are as follows:
    • Swords, axes, and bows require blue and red shards to upgrade
    • Helmets and armor require blue and purple shards to upgrade
    • Arrow capacity and potion capacity require only yellow shards to upgrade
    Now a quick rundown of the sources of each type of shard. All types can be found in the random shard clusters that show up around the Golden Isle, so I won't mention that for each one below.
    • Blue shards - primary source is from defeated enemies, but also are found in all chests (normal chests, guarded chests, epic chests, and night chests)
    • Red shards - rewarded for defeating bosses, legendary beasts, and lieutenants, but also are found in guarded chests and night chests (NOT found in normal chests or epic chests)
    • Purple shards - these are the rarest shards, and are only found in epic chests and night chests (NOT found in normal chests or guarded chests). Note that you will get a significant amount of purple shards as rewards from some of the tasks on Hermes' task board
    • Yellow shards - obtained from all types of chests
    The rate-limiting shard for fully upgrading everything will definitely be purple shards. You will need a lot of blue shards, but as long as you fight all the enemies you come across instead of running away, you will have plenty of blue shards. To put it in perspective, by the time I finished everything in the game I had around 100,000 blue shards left over. Yellow shards come from all chests, and with the amount of chests you need to open for Hermes' task board, you will assuredly get enough. Likewise, with all of the bosses you need to defeat and chests you will open, you should easily have more than enough red shards too. As for purple shards, you will need to open all 10 night chests and complete all of Hermes' tasks on his task board, so you have a lot of guaranteed purple shards there, but it's still in your best interest to open all epic chests you come across rather than skipping over them, just to be safe. No need to go out of your way for epic chests though, just get the ones in your area as you progress and do other things.

    Once you've fully upgraded everything, this achievement will unlock.

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