Toot or Boot? Achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • Toot or Boot?



    Equip a matching helmet and armor.

    How to unlock Toot or Boot?

    As the description says, you'll need to equip a helmet and armor that match. Your first opportunity to do this will be during the prologue. You'll need to go through the Vault of Tartaros called 'One-Eyed Giant.' In this vault, when you get to the moving platform you need to ride back and up, look to your left for two small platforms you can double jump to. Reach the chest at the end to get the helmet that matches your starting default armor. Equip it to unlock this achievement. 

    Aside from that, as you explore and find chests on Golden Isle and in Vaults of Tartaros, you'll likely eventually end up with a matching helmet and armor. 


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