Servant to the Gods Achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • Servant to the Gods



    Complete the gods' side questlines.

    How to unlock Servant to the Gods

    There are a total of 5 sets of side questlines that need to be completed for this achievement, and each set of side quests is only accessible after completing that god's main questline. The five gods are Aphrodite, Ares, Hephaistos, Athena, and Hermes. You'll need to complete the main quests for each of them, and then you'll be given side quest(s) you can then complete. They are listed below. 
    • Aphrodite gives you one quest to defeat four legendary beasts around the Valley of Eternal Springs. Simply head to each marker and defeat them. 
    • Ares gives two side quests, but you need to talk to him a second time (at least, I needed to) to get them to trigger. One is to get a jar from the area the prologue is in, and the second quest involves killing two big enemies to get armor pieces. This former is the best time to get Look, No Hands! (15G) inside the jar at the end of that side quest. The latter can't be completed until you reach the end of Hephaistos's questline to open the Forge and repair it. 
    • Hephaistos gives two side quests. One is simply to defeat a legendary boss. The other is to track down hope. This quest will send you to a large wall with a lot of red structures built into the wall, and you need to find a hidden area. Look for the structure with some lit braziers on a middle level. Head to this level and there is a door in the center. You must walk up to it and you'll get a prompt to press button-y.png to interact and enter. Then, just complete the objectives. 
    • Athena gives two side quests as well. One is to defeat a mythical monster boss (which is one of the four needed for Who's the Boss? (25G)), and the other is a simple quest to follow the objectives.
    • Hermes' "side quest" begins as soon as you defeat all four wraiths in their lairs (see Last Hero Standing (25G) for doing so). Once they're all defeated, you'll be given a side quest to head to a podium to insert the four medallions you received. You must follow this side quest to completion to unlock this achievement.

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