More than Twelve Labours Achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • More than Twelve Labours



    Complete all 36 tasks from Hermes's Heroic Tasks Board.

    How to unlock More than Twelve Labours

    When you reach the Hall of the Gods, you can head to the back (across from the health and stamina upgrades) to view Hermes' Heroic Tasks Board. Only the tasks in the four categories on the left need to be completed. The ones on the right are timed tasks that reward you with Elektrum, which isn't needed for any achievements, and can only be used with Hermes to buy special skins for weapons, mounts, armor, etc. You'll only be able to see four active tasks at a time, one per category, but do note that you can make progress towards all tasks simultaneously. For example, when you complete a task and turn it in at the board, the next task will likely already be partially complete, and in many cases, you may be able to turn in multiple tasks in a row. There are a few exceptions to this, noted in the list below, and are really only for killing regular enemies. Below is a list of all tasks, and some tips where appropriate. I have not included tips for simple ones that will come naturally. Just make sure that you turn in tasks for the first category, for killing enemies, because most of these can't be progressed until the task itself is active. The rest of the categories can be all done simultaneously.

    Elimination Tasks
    1. Defeat 10 animals
    2. Defeat 20 soliders of the dead (red soldier enemies)
    3. Defeat 40 monster enemies (harpies, griffins, cyclops, minotaurs, etc.)
    4. Defeat 3 Lieutenants - refer to Wing Nut (25G)
    5. Defeat 80 enemies
    6. Defeat 5 Legendary Monsters - refer to Ornithology (25G) 
    7. Defeat 3 Wraiths in their lairs - refer to Last Hero Standing (25G) 
    8. Defeat 8 Lieutenants - refer to Wing Nut (25G) 
    9. Defeat 10 Legendary Monsters - refer to Ornithology (25G) 
    10. Defeat all 4 Mythical Monsters - refer to Who's the Boss? (25G) 

    Vaults of Tartaros Tasks
    1. Collect 6 optional chests in Vaults
    2. Complete 6 regular Vaults
    3. Complete 2 Arena Vaults - see below
    4. Complete 3 hard difficulty Vaults (i.e. 3 out of 3 in difficulty)
    5. Complete all objectives in 22 Vaults - you may need to wait until you have certain Godly Powers, such as Athena's Dash, Herakles Strength (to be able to lift heavy objects), etc., before you're able to reach the optional chest in some Vaults
    6. Complete all objectives in 5 Arena Vaults - see below
    7. Complete all objectives in 10 hard Vaults
    8. Collect all Molten Fragments - this will require you to obtain the optional chest in all 10 of the Arena Vaults. For screenshots of the locations of all 10 Arena Vaults, refer to THIS LINK

    Exploration Tasks
    1. Collect 6 ambrosia
    2. Tame a mount
    3. Open 7 normal chests
    4. Open 7 guarded chests
    5. Collect 25 ambrosia
    6. Open 10 normal chests
    7. Open 5 night chests - see below
    8. Tame 2 unique mounts - these are the legendary mounts. Refer to Fenyx the Horseman (25G) 
    9. Open 25 guarded chests - there are far more than 25 in the game, closer to 50
    10. Obtain all Midnight Fragments - this requires you to open all 10 night chests in the game. For screenshots of the locations of each one, refer to THIS LINK

    Island Activities Tasks
    1. Complete 5 Myth Challenges
    2. Complete3 Fresco Myth Challenges
    3. Complete 3 Odysseus Myth Challenges
    4. Complete 20 total Myth Challenges
    5. Complete 4 Navigation Myth Challenges
    6. Complete 8 Lyre Myth Challenges
    7. Complete 11 Constellation Myth Challenges
    8. Complete all 80 Myth Challenges - this is the longest task in the game by far. You will need to complete every single Fresco, Odysseus, Navigation, Lyre, and Constellation Myth Challenge in the game. The only way to mark them on your map is to use Far Sight with analog-right.png and then reveal them when you hover over them. The only way I was able to find them all was to travel to each fast travel point on the map, and slowly scan every bit of the area in a circle, high and low, looking for everything I could reveal. If you find yourself stuck though, unable to find your last few, or don't want to bother scanning, refer to THIS LINK for a list of all challenges and screenshots of where they are. Unfortunately, there's no real way to know what challenges you're missing in a given area. The only ones you can easily tell are the Lyre Challenges, by heading to the big lyre for that region and seeing if there are any yellow portal slits left near it. Otherwise, the rest of the challenges you won't know what's missing. However, at some challenges you'll see a map on the wall showing lit/unlit blue dots, indicating where all of those types of challenges are, and the lit dots indicate which ones you've completed. It's worth at least making note of, for example, where one of these maps is for the Constellation challenges, one for the Fresco challenges, etc., so that when you get toward the end of the 80 in the game, you can travel to each of these maps to see if you've completed all of that type of Myth Challenges. Otherwise, you're stuck cross-checking your map of checked off challenges against every single one in the link above.

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