Potion Professional Achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • Potion Professional



    Fully upgrade the Potion tree.

    How to unlock Potion Professional

    The potion tree is upgraded at any of the pots of Circe, one of which is located in the Hall of the Gods, but others can be found around the Golden Isle. The only ingredient you need to upgrade the potion tree is golden ambers. These are the rarest component in the game, and you will unfortunately need a huge amount of them. There are only three sources of golden ambers:
    • 3 golden ambers inside every normal chest (NOT inside epic, guarded, or night chests)
    • 1 golden amber can potentially be inside a chopped down tree. Look for the glowing around the base of the tree
    • Golden ambers are rewarded for completing some of the tasks on Hermes' task board
    To put it in perspective, after completing all tasks on Hermes' task board and opening every single normal chest in the game, plus I had chopped down some trees and found some ambers in them, I still needed 22 more golden ambers to fully upgrade the potion tree. Since I'm guessing the vast majority of people will not bother opening every single normal chest like me, you will likely need significantly more golden ambers. Most reports show people in the 60-120 range.

    Thankfully, there is a decently efficient way to grind out golden ambers that you need - chopping down trees. Before doing so, it is highly recommended to equip the armor that grants a 30% chance to add another ingredient. This means that each time you find a golden amber in a tree, you have a 30% chance of getting a free extra one. This will significantly reduce the grind. There are two ideal places to chop down trees - around the Gates of Tartaros, or around the big lyre in Clashing Rocks. Both places have trees that are scorched, improving visibility in general but also making it easier to see which trees are glowing with amber around their base. I also recommend making it night to make the glow easier to see. Personally, I preferred Clashing Rocks, as it's flatter and the enemies you may come across are far weaker. The method is essentially to fast travel to the big lyre in Clashing Rocks, and then run to each big group of trees and chop them all down. Grab all the golden ambers you find, and then when you're done, pause the game and quicksave. Load your quicksave and all the trees will be respawned, allowing you to repeat the process.

    This is relatively boring, and why I opted to collect all of the normal chests first, since that was more fun for me. But if you just want to grind it out by chopping down trees, expect to take around an hour or so. For me, I only need 22 and I finished in under 10 minutes, so unless you hunted down all of the normal chests, expect to spent closer to an hour grinding out tree chopping. On the plus side, this will virtually guaranteee you'll unlock Logs and Monsters (15G) in the process.

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