Show Your Moves Achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • Show Your Moves



    Fully upgrade the Skills tree.

    How to unlock Show Your Moves

    Both the Skills tree and Godly Powers tree are upgraded with Charon Coins. Charon Coins are awarded for completing Myth Challenges around the Golden Isle. There are a few chests in God Vaults that are missable and contain a couple Charon Coins, but they are not required. In fact, you only need 269 Charon Coins to fully upgrade all Skills and Godly Powers. While that may seem like a huge amount, there are close to 150 extra Charon Coins in the game, meaning you will fully upgrade everything far before completing all Myth Challenges. You do unfortunately need to complete every single Myth Challenge for one of the final tasks on Hermes' task board. Refer to More than Twelve Labours (25G) for more information. This and Powered Up (15G) will be unlocked along the way to completing that task anyway.

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