Last Hero Standing Achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • Last Hero Standing



    Achieve hero status.

    How to unlock Last Hero Standing

    To unlock this achievement, you need to defeat all of the corrupted heroes in the Wraith Lairs. There are four of them, one in each of the four main areas of the game.

    Aphrodite will reveal Achilles and explain how wraiths and their lairs work. Head inside the lair and finish the boss fight to free the hero. Do the same with the wraiths in their lairs in the other three regions (Herakles in War's Den, Odysseus in The Forgelands, and Atalanta in Grove of Kleos) to unlock this achievement. Note that you can completely ignore the wraiths that spawn and attack you on the Golden Isle. Defeating them isn't needed for any achievements, and they just respawn anyway, so feel free to run away.

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