Putting in Overtime Achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • Putting in Overtime



    Complete the secret trial

    How to unlock Putting in Overtime

    Before you can complete the secret trial, you first need to unlock access to it. To do this, you'll need to collect all 24 of the god relics hidden in all of the trials. These function identically to the optional chests in the Vaults from the base game. Here, every single trial has exactly one optional chest hidden within. I recommend that, as soon as you start a trial for the first time, you enter Farsight and look for the chest, reveal it, and then mark it so it stays marked on your compass, ensuring you don't forget about it. Some of these chests just require reaching them, but many require some sort of puzzle to open a door or unlock them. The majority of these are pretty straightforward, especially with all the experience you'll have by now, but there are a couple tricky ones. If you get stuck on any, the video below shows the locations of all optional chests and how to reach/open them.
    Once you've collected all 24 relics, return to the center of the hub area, where there are seats in concentric circles. Interact with each glowing chair to place a relic on it. Once all 24 relics are placed, Hermes will open up the access point to the secret trial, right in the middle of the circle of chairs. As for the secret trial itself, it's meant to be novel and fun rather than challenging. It's a bit longer, and consists of minigames with references to other classic videogames, so enjoy it. If you get stuck during the secret trial at all, the video below also shows it being completed. Full credit to the creator of the video.

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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0VLmirIodU

    This DLC contains 24 main trials, each with a hidden chest in them. You need to find each hidden chest to unlock the 24 relics needed. Now, place them on the chairs in the Pantheon and talk to Hermes to unlock the secret trial. This trial consist of a bunch of minigames that reference classic games and real life sports. Finish the trial to earn this achievement / trophy.

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