Stuff of Legends Achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • Stuff of Legends



    Complete all Myth Challenges

    How to unlock Stuff of Legends

    Similar to the base game, there are Myth Challenges scattered around the map, and you'll need to complete all of them. Most of them are slightly different than the base game, aside from the ones requiring you to place a bunch of blue orbs in the correct spots. Like all things on your map, you'll need to spot them and reveal them to have them marked on your map. Thankfully, the story quests will take you to/near almost every one of them such that they'll be marked on your map. If you're trying to clear them all out before finishing the story, be aware that there is a Mural Challenge up on Bu Zhou mountain near the top, if you're missing one.
    If you're having trouble completing any or locating any, refer to the following video, which shows the locations of all Myth Challenges and how to complete them.

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  • Below are video guides for all myth challenges. I have broken them down based on the islands of Peng Lai & Bu Zhou. There is also a longer video combining all of them. Timestamps in the YouTube description.

    All Myth Challenges:

    Peng Lai:

    Bu Zhou:

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