Lighter Than Air Achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • Lighter Than Air



    Use Air Rings 20 times or more without touching the ground

    How to unlock Lighter Than Air

    You will eventually be introduced to air rings as your progress through the story - you can pull yourself towards them in mid air at the cost of some stamina. As the description for this achievement says, you'll need to do this 20 times without touching the ground. There aren't many opportunities to get this achievement since the air rings only show up in a few Ruins of Heaven. By far, the easiest place to get this achievement is in Tutelage of the Black Emperor, which is a Ruin of Heaven that you will need to complete during Gong Gong's questline. This Ruin consists only of a aerial battle against three waves of enemies, but it takes place with multiple air rings around you, each of which has a respawning stamina orb under it. Take the opportunity before fighting the enemies to use the air rings in a circle around the arena over and over to unlock this achievement.

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  • This achievement is missable. I finished the DLC, created a save point and was trying to do this achievement, except you cannot redo these levels unlike the main game challenges. So it is completely missable if you complete the challenge as I did. :(

    Air rings only exist in the Ruins of Heaven. The easiest location, and possibly only location, is in the Tutelage of the Black Emperor Ruins of Heaven. Simply, jump between the rings ignoring the enemies. Don't land on any of the platforms, the wind and stamina orbs should keep you up without any issues. Sadly, if you progress to far into the story and complete this Ruin of Heaven, you can't retry it and will need to reload an earlier save or restart your DLC.

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