Opportunist Achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • Opportunist



    Unlock all Heroic Gifts

    How to unlock Opportunist

    In this DLC, Heroic Gifts are the equivalent of Godly Powers from the base game and previous DLCs. All but three of the Heroic Gifts will be unlocked through story progression, being given to you by each of the gods and Athena as you help them and progress. The final three Heroic Gifts are given to you by completed side quests given to you by three different nymphs, one located on each of the three separate islands. The nymphs will give you side quests to kill "Extra Bad" enemies in the open world, and these are the equivalent of the Legendary Creatures and Lieutenants from the base game. They are just as easy to kill too. Simply head to the markers on your map and defeat the bosses, then return to the nymph to turn in the mission, at which point you'll be rewarded with a new Heroic Gift.
    In terms of the locations of the three nymphs, you will almost unavoidably encounter all three as you progress in the story and explore to find the Vaults of Tartaros (or at least reveal the blue question mark symbol on your map from each side quest giver). The left island's nymph is in the northwest section of the island; the central island's nymph is in the south; the right island's nymph is south central. Once you've completed all three nymph quests and progressed far enough in the story, you'll unlock all Heroic Gifts and this achievement. Note that the extra mission you get from the nymphs for defeating the final Extra Bad enemy isn't required for this or any other achievement.

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