Full House Achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • Full House



    Fully upgrade your Gear

    How to unlock Full House

    Like in the base game, your gear (helmet, armor, sword, axe, and bow) can all be upgraded at a forge with the colored shards you collect around the world. Also like in the base game, you'll get tons of blue and red shards from defeating enemies, and will never be in need of them. The limiting shards will be yellow and purple ones, and each is covered below.
    Yellow shards are mostly only found in yellow shard clusters around the open world. While you may visually spot some as you explore, this is unlikely, especially because of the camera view. Instead, keep an eye on your minimap as you explore new areas. Look for the yellow dots on your minimap (or yellow up or down arrows, which will be present if the dot is at a different elevation than you). These yellow dots indicate rare resources - sometimes they'll end up being consumables (which you may want/need for something else), but many times they will be yellow shard clusters. So, any time you're exploring and you see a yellow marker on your minimap, I highly recommend heading to it and collecting it, because you'll want all the yellow shards you can get, and exploring the map after completing everything else only to try to track down yellow shard clusters could prove very boring and tedious.
    Purple shards, like yellow shards, are mostly only found in purple shard clusters around the open world, but with one caveat: they are only/always found around the entrances to the Vaults of Tartaros. They are marked on your minimap with yellow dots like the yellow shards are, since these are also a rare resource. Since all of the Vaults are required to be completed to complete the story missions, you will unavoidably head to each entrance. While you're there (either before entering or after completing the Vault), head around to each yellow dot to destroy the purple shard clusters. There are typically three purple shard clusters per Vault entrance. You'll need almost all of them, so don't forget about it.
    One other source of yellow and purple shards are the optional chests in the Vaults of Tartaros. These are far easier to get to and open than the optional chests in the base game, so they're worth opening each time, even though they don't give you nearly as many shards as a shard cluster.

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