Stomp-A-Mole Achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • Stomp-A-Mole



    Eject 10 Abas from the ground

    How to unlock Stomp-A-Mole

    As you progress through the story, you'll eventually be introduced to Abas, who sometimes burrow underground like moles and eventually pop up. To unlock this achievement, you'll need to use your rb.png + rt.png attack (which you'll learn automatically during the story) near a burrowing Aba to eject it. Be aware that the Aba must survive the ejection for it to count towards this achievement, so if your attack kills it while ejecting it, it won't count. Assuming you're playing on the easiest difficulty, this means you'll only be able to make progress towards this achievement on Abas with the gold around their health bar, but don't worry, they are plentiful. Once you get introduced to Abas in the story, they will start showing up with normal mobs of enemies that you encounter as you explore. Take each opportunity you get to eject any Abas from the ground (and if you see some on ground, wait a bit for them to burrow) and you'll unlock this achievement relatively quickly.

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    During the quest, Gardenien of the Gaurden Wait What?, you will talk to Demeter and unlock the Catastrophe Quake ability. Then you'll be told to use it to defeat some nearby Abas. You can grind it out right here, by using the ability to knock them out of the ground and instead of attacking them, create some separation so they go back under ground. Rinse and repeat. If you have already made it past this area, don't worry there are plenty more Abas that you can grind this on all across the map.

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