Ash the Leech Achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising

  • Ash the Leech



    Gain 10 health chunks using Heroic Gifts

    How to unlock Ash the Leech

    As you progress in this DLC, you will earn different abilities - different colored squares that will pop up on the side of the screen, and will be either purple, red, blue, yellow, or green. Each of these abilities can "equipped" to your various skills and Heroic Gifts, and they can have various effects depending on the color of the ability and the "slot" you put it in.
    In order to gain health chunks while using a Heroic Gift, you will need to unlock the leftmost slot on any of your Heroic Gifts (it has a fist icon on it). Once unlocked, you then need to equip a purple square in that slot. You'll see that this will give you an 8% chance to recover half a health chunk upon a successful attack on an enemy. It doesn't matter which Heroic Gift has the purple square equipped on it: for example, if the purple square is equipped on your Axes, you don't need to attack with your Axes to use its effect. You can attack with your sword and still receive the benefit and make progress towards this achievement.
    In order to lose health chunks for Masochist (50G), you'll need to unlock the top central slot on any of your skills or Heroic Gifts, and then equip a purple square in that slot. This will make you use half a health chunk when using a Heroic Gift instead of expending a stamina chunk.
    As you may surmise from the above descriptions, losing health chunks from Heroic Gifts is far faster and easier than gaining. You will use half a health chunk every time you use a Heroic Gift. Gaining health chunks is far slower and more tedious. The first and more obvious reason is because you only have an 8% chance to gain health upon a hit. The second and third reasons are because if you have full health, you can't gain health, and then because enemies drop tons of health orbs that very quickly refill your health to full. To combat this, I highly recommend combing both achievements: use a Heroic Gift once or twice to automatically drain your health quite a bit when you encounter a group of enemies, then attack them and hope that you gain health chunks from your attacks (and avoid red orbs if possible). With this method you will definitely unlock both achievements during natural progression.

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    The easiest way to earn this is to unlock the Borea's Devastation on a weapon, preferably your crossbow, and equip a purple essence of chaos to it. This can all be done at an altar. Doing this, will give you an 8% chance to gain half a health chunk from hitting an enemy with an arrow. In order to gain health, you need to have lost some health. So let some enemies damage you and then attack them from range with your bow until you regain health. Rinse and repeat.

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