- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 50 [1000gs.png]
- Online:
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 40-60 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: Look, No Hands! (15G) is highly missable
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No, can play on Story difficulty
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
  • DLC: A New God
    • Difficulty: 5/10
    • Time to 325:1gs:8-10 hours
    • Unobtainable/missable: No [free roam after completion]
  • DLC: Myths of the Eastern Realm
    • Difficulty: 3/10
    • Time to 195:1gs:5-7 hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • DLC: The Lost Gods
    • Difficulty: 3/10
    • Time to 325:1gs:8-10 hours
    • Unobtainable: No
Welcome to Immortals Fenyx Rising, an open world action game with a heavy focus on puzzles. This game has been described as a hybrid of Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I would largely agree, as there is the climbing, combat, and focus on Greek mythology similar to Odyssey, with the open world puzzles, exploration, and platforming/puzzle-focused dungeons of Zelda games, which, in my opinion, makes for an awesome game. Like many Ubisoft games, there is a main story to follow and much to do on the open world map, but like Zelda games, much of the open world activities involve puzzles rather than purely combat. The achievements will largely come from completing the game and then fully upgrading everything, as well as some miscellaneous combat achievements. You thankfully don't need to clear the entire map in this game, but there is still quite a bit to do. Let's get started.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
The most important thing to mention up front is that there is one very missable achievement in the game - Look, No Hands! (15G). It is for killing 10 enemies with traps in Vaults of Tartaros. There are only six known Vaults where it is possible to get this achievement. I highly recommend reading through that achievement solution and keeping its requirements in mind as you progress, ensuring you get it at your earliest opportunity so you don't have to worry about missing it.

With that out of the way, like many open world Ubisoft games, there is a lot of stuff on your map, so it's helpful to know what is required for achievements and what isn't required for achievements. First, a list of everything you will need to complete on the map.
  • All Myth Challenges need to be completed. This includes all Navigation, Odysseus, Fresco, Constellation, and Lyre Challenges
  • All Night Chests need to be opened. There are only 10 in the game, but they all need to be opened.
  • All Legendary Monsters and Lieutenants need to be defeated. These can't be marked on your map, but you will assuredly stumble across many of these bosses in the open world as you progress.
  • All mounts need to be acquired. You can keep an eye out for horses/deer as you go, but mopping them up after you complete everything else is fast and easy, so don't worry about it as you progress.
  • While you don't need to collect every piece of ambrosia, you will need most of it to fully upgrade your health. It's worth collecting all of it that you find.
  • You need to complete all 36 tasks on Hermes' Task Board (the ones on the left, not the timed ones on the right)
That list may seem relatively short compared to what you see on the map, and that's because there is a lot of optional stuff as well as extra stuff, detailed below. Note that you shouldn't ignore these things entirely, but you don't need to ensure you clear them all.
  • There are more Vaults of Tartaros on the map than are needed for any achievements. You will need to complete a lot of them to fully upgrade your stamina, but you will likely still have somewhere around 10 left on the map when you're done. Note that you DO need to complete all 10 Arena Vaults though.
  • You don't need to open all normal chests, guarded chests, and epic chests. You will need to open 25 guarded chests to make progress for one achievement though. Normal chests provide golden amber, which is needed to upgrade the potion tree. However, even if you open all normal chests in the game, you'll still need to use the grinding method described in the guide to obtain more amber required for all of the potion tree upgrades. And lastly, for epic chests, there are a massive amount of these in the game, and nowhere near all of them are required. Make it a point to open all of the ones you come across in Vaults of Tartaros, in God Vaults, and in the open world, as they provide purple shards you'll need for helmet and armor upgrades, but you definitely don't need to go out of your way to open ones.
  • As you progress and explore, you will very likely come across "hidden quests" that are marked on your map with question marks. These hidden quests are not required for any achievements, and most times don't even give any rewards, so don't feel any need to complete them.
With all of that explained, here are some tips and recommendations I have to make things as efficient as possible:
  • I highly recommend that, once you start earning Charon Coins from Myth Challenges, you first prioritize the skills that reduce stamina usage from gliding, climbing, and swimming. This will make exploring far easier and less frustrating. The second thing you should prioritize is the Herakles' Strength upgrade that allows you to lift heavy objects. This allows you to bypass many puzzles in the game. Other good Godly Powers to prioritize are Ares' Fury, which allows you to shoot up in the air, allowing you to reach higher places, Athena's Dash, for the same reason, and the Phosphor Godly Power that allows you to create a statue of yourself, which can be used to weigh down switches, allowing you to bypass some puzzles.
  • I recommend doing Ares' questline in War's Den in the southeast as soon as possible. The final blessing he gives you is required to be able to unlock C-C-C-Combo (15G), which requires you to get an 84-hit combo. The sooner you have that blessing, the sooner you can start trying for this high of a combo to unlock the achievement.
  • I recommend reading through It's A Bird! (15G) quickly, as it requires a 25-hit combo in the air, and this will be far easier before you fully upgrade your weapons, especially if playing on an easier difficulty. It's still entirely possible after upgrading though.
  • Keep up with Hermes' Task Board in the Hall of the Gods. It's good to know what you need to work on, and turning tasks in gives good rewards that can really help with upgrades, making things easier as you progress.
  • Each time the story takes you to an Ascension Point in the game, take a few minutes to use Far Sight and slowly go around and reveal as many things on your map as possible. This will save you a lot of time in the long run.
That's pretty much all there is to know. As mentioned above, most achievements will come with natural progression and fully upgrading everything, and whatever you missed is very easy and quick to mop up after you've completed everything else. Refer to the guide below for guidance on any achievements you need help with, and enjoy the game!
A New God DLC

The first piece of content from the Season Pass is here, A New God, and it is standalone content accessed from the lower left corner of the main menu. While you can import your character from the base game, it only affects your appearance, as you'll be maxed out in terms of health, stamina, Godly Powers, and Skills, regardless of your progress in the base game. This DLC takes place in Olympos and sees you completing "trials" for each of the gods you met in the base game. I say "trials" because, while that's what they're called in the game, they are essentially Vaults of Tartaros - platforming challenges, combat, and puzzles - that you need to complete. With all of your Godly Powers available though, these are some of the toughest challenges the game has to offer, requiring much more critical thinking and platforming skill than the Vaults in the base game.

In terms of the achievements, during the first trial you can quickly jump off the edge of the map to unlock Better Luck Next Time (50G). There are then four story related achievements - Zoomies (50G), Wardrobe Warrior (50G)Overblessed (55G), and Tested and Approved (55G) - that will unlock in that order as you progress through all of the trials. Additionally, as with the Vaults in the base game, there are secret chests in the trials. Specifically, each trial contains exactly one hidden chest to find. Unlike the base game though, these chests are NOT optional if you want all of the achievements. So as soon as you enter each trial, scan around to locate and reveal the hidden chest, and make sure to collect it before completing the trial so you don't have to replay that trial. Collecting all of these hidden chests is needed to access the secret trial (quest is given by Hermes). Completing the secret trial unlocks Putting in Overtime (65G). That's everything needed for the completion.
Myths of the Eastern Realm DLC
The second DLC expansion for this game accessed as separate content from the main menu, just like the first DLC. Also like the first DLC and the base game, difficulty does not matter for any achievevements, so feel free to play on Story difficulty. This DLC is essentially a mini version of the base game, but reskinned with Chinese characters and names of places, attacks, etc. It takes place on a smaller map (two regions), with chests, Ruins of Heaven (the equivalent of Vaults of Tartaros), Xi Rong (the equivalent of Ambrosia), and Myth Challenges. As far as the completion goes, the only things on your map you need to concern yourself with are the Myth Challenges and the Ruins of Heaven; you can ignore all of the chests and the Xi Rong, if you want. On top of that, you can also ignore the optional chests in the Ruins of Heaven, if you want. The only thing you need to do is complete all Ruins of Heaven (there are only 5), and complete all Myth Challenges (around 15 of them) for two of the miscellaneous achievements. Three other achievements are story related. The last one, Lighter Than Air (30G), is most easily done during Gong Gong's questline. Refer to that achievement solution to see where to best get that achievement as you're progressing in the story. As with the base game, you'll be notified of the point of no return and the game will make a save for you anyway, so you will be able to reload that save before passing the point of no return if you need to go back and clean up anything around the map for achievements.
The Lost Gods DLC

The third and final DLC for Immortals puts you in control of a new hero, Ash, who is tasked with tracking down a handful of gods missing from Olympos (and from the base game) who are lost on a new island to explore. Much like the second DLC, this DLC also sees you start with a blank slate - you can't climb, or dash, or swim, or glide, etc. - and you'll need to complete missions for the various gods in order to get all of those standard abilities back. In addition, this DLC features a different camera angle - it's more like a top-down view to inspire brawler-like combat. Despite that, this DLC still plays pretty much the same as all other Immortals content, but just has a different camera view. Like all other content in this game, this DLC can be played on the easiest difficulty without impacting any achievements.
In terms of achievements, only one of the six (The Ultimate Price (65G)) is story related. The other five are for miscellaneous or cumulative tasks, but none is missable. For Ash the Leech (50G) and Masochist (50G), you'll need to gain and lose a set amount of health chunks, respectively, from Heroic Gifts' abilities. These Heroic Gifts' abilities are a new mechanic that can be a bit confusing at first, so here is a brief explanation. As you play and kill enemies, you'll randomly get abilities as rewards, which will pop up on the side of the screen and will be a colored square. Despite it seeming like there are many abilities, there are essentially only five: purple, red, green, blue, and yellow. Every skill and power in the game (double jump, swim, climb, bow, sword, etc.) has "slots" on it that you can unlock with enough of the proper consumable item. Once a slot is unlocked, you can equip one of the five ability colors in that slot. The effect of the ability depends on not only its color but also which slot you put it in (for example, an offensive slot versus a defensive slot versus a buff slot). I recommend referring to "Masochist" and starting working on it and "Ash the Leech" at the same time, when you start the DLC, so the both unlock naturally during progression and don't require grinding after completing the story.
Of the three remaining achievements, Stomp-A-Mole (50G) is cumulative, but I again recommend quickly reading its achievement solution and knocking it out as soon as you are introduced to that enemy type so you don't have to worry about it again. The achievement Opportunist (55G) requires you to unlock all Heroic Gifts, and all but three of them are story related. The three that aren't story related are given to you by nymphs for completing their side quests. You will likely come across all three nymphs during story progression, but refer to the achievement solution for more information. The last achievement, Full House (55G), is for fully upgrading your gear. Like the base game, this is done by using the colored shards. You will have a plentiful supply of all shards except two: purple and yellow. Both are primarily obtained from destroying their shard clusters around the open world, so keep an eye out for both as you explore, and refer to the relevant achievement solution for more information.

Overall Conclusion:
Immortals is, quite frankly, an awesome game. It's smooth, the combat is fun and engaging with lots of variety, there are puzzles to solve everywhere, the game is fully of Greek mythology, and the gameplay is great. The completion is much shorter than similar Ubisoft titles, because while there is a lot of stuff on the map, there is more than is required for the completion, making it a much more relaxing and enjoyable completion than games where you need to meticulously make sure to do everything on your map. This is a fantastic new IP that will hopefully see much more content down the road. I hope you enjoyed this game as much as I did!
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]

Immortals Fenyx Rising Achievement Guide

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There are 68 achievements with a total of 1845 points

  • Perform a 25 hit combo while in air.

    While this achievement can theoretically be attempted whenever during the game, there are a number of things that will make accomplishing this much easier.
    • Completing the first quest for Ares gives you his first blessing, which makes it so that the first time you get hit during a combo doesn't end your combo
    • There is a skill you can purchase with Charon Coins at the Hall of the Gods that allows you to dodge in mid air, allowing you to avoid hits and keep your combo going 
    • There is a Godly Power you can purchase at the Hall of the Gods that lets you pull yourself towards enemies. This is handy for jumping to multiple targets, or getting closer to a big target that has moved or knocked you away. 
    • There is an armor called Brood of Typhon, and if you level your armor to level 4 it will have a 10% chance to add +12 to your combo meter. 
    With many or all of those things above acquired, this achievement becomes relatively easy to do. While it may seem natural to attempt this on flying enemies, that is not required. There are many big enemies that you can simply jump into the air and attack. The four corrupted heroes are good candidates for this, as they have few attacks and clearly telegraph them. The final boss is also a great candidate for this achievement. Likewise, there are many legendary bosses and lieutenants around the Golden Isle that are large targets. Make a manual save before a fight once you have all of the above recommendations, and it shouldn't take more than a couple of attempts to reach a 25-hit combo in the air. With the Brood of Typhon armor, you don't need to do anything special - just use light or heavy attacks, dodge in mid air, and pull yourself to the enemy if you get knocked away. As soon as your combo reaches 25, this achievement will unlock. 
  • Open a Night Chest.

    Night chests, as expected, can only be opened at night. They can still be spotted to mark them on your map like any chest, even during the day. On your map, they'll be a picture of a chest with a blue crescent moon next to them. If you approach them during the day, the chest will be transparent. You'll need to wait until night (which can be done by holding button-menu.png to skip time) and then approach the chest. Multiple enemies will defend the chest. Simply kill them all and open the chest to unlock this achievement.

    Night chests, in general, are pretty rare. There are 10 on the entire map. However, if you scan the areas and mark things from the Ascension Points, you will almost assuredly find at least one in your travels. Note that you will need to open all 10 of them for More than Twelve Labours (25G).
  • Perform 10 Stealth Attacks.

    During the prologue you'll be taught to press button-b.png to sneak, and when you get near an enemy you can press button-y.png when prompted to perform a stealth attack. Do this a cumulative total of 10 times. Note that, for the purposes of this achievement, the stealth attack need not kill the enemy you use it on, it only needs to connect. For example, the big cyclops enemies you find likely won't die from a single stealth attack, but that attack will still count towards this achievement. 
  • Defeat an enemy with their own projectile.

    The flying Harpy enemies you'll see around the Golden Isle are the easiest enemies to unlock this achievement on. They will periodically shoot yellow projectiles at you in a burst. Parry this projectile to automatically shoot it back at the Harpy, and it will likely kill it instantly. If you're playing on a higher difficulty, you may need to weaken the Harpy with normal attacks first. 
  • Equip new Wings.

    Refer to Wing Nut (25G) for obtaining all of the new sets of Wings. Once you get your first set, simply equip it to unlock this achievement. 
  • Craft your first Potion.

    Once you reach the Hall of the Gods right after the prologue, you'll be able to craft potions. Head to the cauldron, marked with a purple symbol on your map (these can be found around the Golden Isle in addition to the Hall of the Gods), and you can craft four different types of potions. By the time you've reached this point you've likely amassed plenty of blue mushrooms to craft a stamina potion, but pomegranates are also plentiful to make health potions. Either way, craft one of the four potions to unlock this achievement. 
  • Solve a Constellation Myth Challenge.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    You will be required to solve a Constellation Myth Challenge to progress in the prologue. Simply bring each blue ball, marked on your compass, to the puzzle pad and place it in the spot marked on the drawing on the wall in front of you to complete the challenge. 
  • Chop down 100 large trees.

    As soon as you get the axe in the prologue you can begin making progress towards this achievement. The only trees you can chop down are the relatively thin and short ones. Use your strong attack with your axe to chop them down.

    Note that the method for grinding out golden ambers to unlock Potion Professional (15G) will involve you chopping down upwards of 100 trees alone. Refer to it for more information before you waste time mindlessly grinding out this achievement.
  • Unfog the whole map.

    Unfogging a portion of the map is done when you reach an Ascension Point. You will be required to unfog Clashing Rocks, Valley of Eternal Springs, War's Den, Grove of Kleos, and The Forgelands as part of story progression. The two areas you won't be required to unfog are King's Peak and Gates of Tartaros.

    The Ascension Point for King's Peak is on the southern central portion of the island, and it's a giant bird statue. You may need to progress the story to the point where you ascend King's Peak to be able to reach the island and climb up the bird statue.

    The Ascension Point for Gates of Tartaros isn't an obvious structure; it's just a large rock outcropping. It's located on the southern rim of the vault entrance up top. From the fast travel point on the rim, head around the rim to the southern point and you should discover the Ascension Point, and then head to it to complete it.
  • Reach the highest point on the island.

    The highest point on the island is located in the King's Peak region. It won't be possible to reach this point until you're nearly at the end of the game. The story will take you on a quest up the mountain of King's Peak, and you'll have a boss fight at the top. Once that fight is over (or you can fast travel to "Zeus's Throne" any time after completing this quest), you'll be at the top of the mountain. From there, if you use analog-right.png to scan, look up. On top of a golden bird statue is a piece of ambrosia that you can reveal for reference. Climb up to this ambrosia on top of the golden bird statue and this achievement will unlock.
  • Glide a total of 1,000 meters in one go.

    Before you attempt this achievement, you'll need to purchase the skill that reduces stamina spent when gliding, for 5 Charon Coins. You will also need to upgrade your stamina at least six times to have enough stamina to glide this far.

    With both of those done, you then need to find a spot high enough to glide this long without touching the ground or water. I was able to do it from the Athena statue in the Grove of Kleos in the northwest, where the story takes you. I glided northwest towards the ocean. Hold button-x.png the entire time to go far enough before running out of stamina. For me, the achievement didn't unlock until I landed after the glide, but it may have just been a delayed unlock. 
  • Tame an Epic mount.

  • Tame all mounts.

    There are a total of 25 mounts that need to be tamed for this achievement. The story will teach you how to tame your first one, but the rest all need to be hunted down. Of the 25 mounts in the game, nine of them are epic mounts. There is no difference between taming normal and epic mounts. The only difference is that normal mounts are found in small herds, whereas the epic mounts are located by themselves. Also, taming your first epic mount of the nine will unlock Oceancookie (15G).

    For a list of all mounts in the game and their locations, refer to THIS LINK.
  • Fully upgrade your Health.

    Health is upgraded at the Hall of the Gods by placing ambrosia in the kylix with the red health bar above it. You will need a total of 90 ambrosia to fully upgrade your health. There are two places to find ambrosia: scattered around the Golden Isle, or in chests in God Vaults. The latter chests are missable, but they aren't required; there is more ambrosia in the game than is required for this achievement, so you don't need to collect every single one. That being said, you do need to collect most of them. Unfortunately, the only way to mark ambrosia on your map is to use analog-right.png to enter far sight and then reveal them with rt.png when you scan over one. I highly recommend taking a few minutes at each fast travel point to spin around and scan the area, marking every possible thing you can. Doing so will ensure you find enough ambrosia around the Golden Isle to obtain this achievement. In general ambrosia is found on top of structures, out at the edge of cliffs, etc. So always check high, on top of things.
  • Defeat a flying enemy with any thrown object.

    As the description says, you need to kill any flying enemy with any object you can pick up. This can be done as early as you want in the game. The flying Harpy enemies that you'll encounter all around the Golden Isle will easily die from a thrown rock, for example. This can be done by picking up a rock, getting close enough, then holding rt.png to charge your throw. Take aim and make sure you hit the Harpy. It may take a couple tries to hit the Harpy, but it's entirely possible. 

    To make this achievement easier, these is a skill you can purchase at the Hall of the Gods with Charon Coins that allows you to throw an object at a targeted enemy at the expense of one stamina chunk. This skill eliminates the need to manually aim, making this achievement just a matter of finding a rock near a Harpy. 
  • Reach the final Combo stage.

    Before you can unlock this achievement, you will first need to complete Ares' questline. Doing so unlocks his final blessing, which unlocks a new combo stage upon reaching an 84-hit combo. Once that's done, you then need to reach an 84-hit combo to unlock this achievement.

    One thing that isn't required but makes this far easier is to obtain the Brood of Typhon armor. If you level your armor up to level 4, this armor gives a 10% chance to add +12 to your combo meter, which significantly reduces the amount of time you need to last without getting hit. 

    The best enemies to obtain this achievement on are either legendary bosses or corrupted heroes. Both types of bosses have a very high amount of health, such that even fully upgraded weapons won't kill them too quickly. It's best to make a save before fighting a boss, attempt this achievement, and if you fail you can reload your save and try again. Don't get greedy with hits, especially because combo finishers are slow and can't be dodge-cancelled. The bosses telegraph their attacks pretty obviously, so just make sure you dodge in time. The other blessings you get from Ares before you can attempt this achievement also make this easier, since you can take a hit without losing your combo, and you can dodge away and come back without losing your combo. 

    If you don't manage it at all as you progress, the final boss of the game is a great option for getting this achievement. Its massive health and huge hit box as well as its obvious attacks make it a great candidate for reaching a combo this high. 

    One final option, if you've managed to kill every boss in the game and don't have this achievement, or if you still find yourself killing bosses too quickly, is to turn up the difficulty in the options menu. Enemies will take more hits to kill, and this should give you more time to build a combo up. As soon as you reach 84 hits, this achievement will unlock mid combo. 
  • Defeat 10 enemies using traps inside the Vaults of Tartaros.


    The reason I have marked this achievement as missable is because once you collect all treasures in a Vault of Tartaros, it becomes sealed and you cannot reenter it. Since there are a finite number of Vaults in the game, this can be missed. 

    As the description says, you'll need to use traps to kill 10 enemies across any numbers of Vaults. Unfortunately, finding a Vault with both enemies and traps you can use is pretty rare. You will likely encounter some Vaults with enemies but inactive traps, and unfortunately the wall sconces that shoot fireballs don't count as traps. Only floor spikes and wall lasers count for this achievement. As a result, absolutely be sure to take your first possible opportunity to get this achievement. One such opportunity is after you complete Ares' questline. He will then give you two side quests (which need to be completed for another achievement). One involves finding a jar for him. When you return the jar to Ares, you'll enter it, and it plays just like a Vault. The Arena within has floor spikes and plenty of enemies. Simply bait them to the floor spikes and let them die from the spikes. Remember, if they die from the fireballs, that won't count for this achievement. There are more than 10 enemies, so you can get all kills in this one Vault. 

    Other opportunities for this achievement are:
    • Arena of Bravery in northern The Forgelands
    • Arena of Agility southeast of the big lyre in the Grove of Kleos
    • Dolos' Stage of Trickery during Athena's questline (note that you must shoot the targets with your arrows to activate the traps)
    • Arena of Finesse in the southwestern corner of King's Peak
    • Arena of Fortitude in the southern part of the Valley of Eternal Springs
    As of my writing of this guide, these are the only known Vaults to obtain this achievement in, so make sure you do it as soon as you get a chance.
  • Acquire all Phoenix skins.

    There are a total of 17 Phoenix skins that need to be acquired for this achievement. Most of the Phoenix skins are acquired from the legendary bosses located around the Golden Isle. Each legendary beast boss will reward you with a Phoenix skin. There are a couple other that are rewarded for completing other tasks. Refer to THIS LINK for a full list of all skins. 
  • Acquire all Wings.

    There are a total of 16 sets of wings that need to be acquired to unlock this achievement. Most of the sets of wings are acquired from the Lieutenant bosses found around the Golden Isle. Each one you defeat will reward you with a new set of wings. For a full list of all sets of wings and where to find them, refer to the video below. Full credit to its creator.

  • Complete 25 Vaults of Tartaros.

    You will be introduced to Vaults of Tartaros during the prologue. They are red pits you can jump into, and are mini dungeons with platforming, puzzle, and/or combat challenges. You can spot them from Ascension Points to have them marked on your map, but even if you don't, when you're around 300m from one it'll be shown on your compass.

    To complete the story you will need to complete multiple Vaults of Tartaros, making significant progress towards this achievement. You will need to complete many Vaults of Tartaros to obtain enough Zeus Lightning to fully upgrade your stamina, but nowhere near all of them. 

    There are far more than 25 Vaults in the game, but you'll unlock this achievement once you've completed 25 of them. Note that this achievement only requires that you obtain the Zeus Lightning at the end, and doesn't require you to obtain optional chests. It's definitely in your best interest to get the optional chests in all Vaults though, as you'll need to do so in 22 Vaults to complete one of Hermes' tasks on his task board. 
  • Destroy 10 Shards Clusters.

    Shard Clusters are the crystal plants you'll stumble across as you explore Golden Isle. They aren't very common, so it's worth it to destroy each one you see. The easiest way to spot them is while gliding from a high point, you may see a shimmer of light near the ground. This is a shard cluster, and is really the only way to identify them; there's no way to mark them on your map like other lootables. As a result, you should take every opportunity to destroy them when you find them, not only for this achievement, but the purple and red ones really help with weapon upgrades. Destroy a cumulative total of 10 to unlock this achievement. 
  • Fully upgrade everything at the Forge of Hephaistos.

    At the Forge of Hephaistos in the Hall of the Gods, you can upgrade your swords, axes, bows, helmets, armors, arrow capacity, and potion capacity. Each one requires adamantine shards to upgrade. The requires are as follows:
    • Swords, axes, and bows require blue and red shards to upgrade
    • Helmets and armor require blue and purple shards to upgrade
    • Arrow capacity and potion capacity require only yellow shards to upgrade
    Now a quick rundown of the sources of each type of shard. All types can be found in the random shard clusters that show up around the Golden Isle, so I won't mention that for each one below.
    • Blue shards - primary source is from defeated enemies, but also are found in all chests (normal chests, guarded chests, epic chests, and night chests)
    • Red shards - rewarded for defeating bosses, legendary beasts, and lieutenants, but also are found in guarded chests and night chests (NOT found in normal chests or epic chests)
    • Purple shards - these are the rarest shards, and are only found in epic chests and night chests (NOT found in normal chests or guarded chests). Note that you will get a significant amount of purple shards as rewards from some of the tasks on Hermes' task board
    • Yellow shards - obtained from all types of chests
    The rate-limiting shard for fully upgrading everything will definitely be purple shards. You will need a lot of blue shards, but as long as you fight all the enemies you come across instead of running away, you will have plenty of blue shards. To put it in perspective, by the time I finished everything in the game I had around 100,000 blue shards left over. Yellow shards come from all chests, and with the amount of chests you need to open for Hermes' task board, you will assuredly get enough. Likewise, with all of the bosses you need to defeat and chests you will open, you should easily have more than enough red shards too. As for purple shards, you will need to open all 10 night chests and complete all of Hermes' tasks on his task board, so you have a lot of guaranteed purple shards there, but it's still in your best interest to open all epic chests you come across rather than skipping over them, just to be safe. No need to go out of your way for epic chests though, just get the ones in your area as you progress and do other things.

    Once you've fully upgraded everything, this achievement will unlock.
  • Equip a matching helmet and armor.

    As the description says, you'll need to equip a helmet and armor that match. Your first opportunity to do this will be during the prologue. You'll need to go through the Vault of Tartaros called 'One-Eyed Giant.' In this vault, when you get to the moving platform you need to ride back and up, look to your left for two small platforms you can double jump to. Reach the chest at the end to get the helmet that matches your starting default armor. Equip it to unlock this achievement. 

    Aside from that, as you explore and find chests on Golden Isle and in Vaults of Tartaros, you'll likely eventually end up with a matching helmet and armor. 

  • Complete the gods' side questlines.

    There are a total of 5 sets of side questlines that need to be completed for this achievement, and each set of side quests is only accessible after completing that god's main questline. The five gods are Aphrodite, Ares, Hephaistos, Athena, and Hermes. You'll need to complete the main quests for each of them, and then you'll be given side quest(s) you can then complete. They are listed below. 
    • Aphrodite gives you one quest to defeat four legendary beasts around the Valley of Eternal Springs. Simply head to each marker and defeat them. 
    • Ares gives two side quests, but you need to talk to him a second time (at least, I needed to) to get them to trigger. One is to get a jar from the area the prologue is in, and the second quest involves killing two big enemies to get armor pieces. This former is the best time to get Look, No Hands! (15G) inside the jar at the end of that side quest. The latter can't be completed until you reach the end of Hephaistos's questline to open the Forge and repair it. 
    • Hephaistos gives two side quests. One is simply to defeat a legendary boss. The other is to track down hope. This quest will send you to a large wall with a lot of red structures built into the wall, and you need to find a hidden area. Look for the structure with some lit braziers on a middle level. Head to this level and there is a door in the center. You must walk up to it and you'll get a prompt to press button-y.png to interact and enter. Then, just complete the objectives. 
    • Athena gives two side quests as well. One is to defeat a mythical monster boss (which is one of the four needed for Who's the Boss? (25G)), and the other is a simple quest to follow the objectives.
    • Hermes' "side quest" begins as soon as you defeat all four wraiths in their lairs (see Last Hero Standing (25G) for doing so). Once they're all defeated, you'll be given a side quest to head to a podium to insert the four medallions you received. You must follow this side quest to completion to unlock this achievement.
  • Complete a task from Hermes's Heroic Tasks Board at the Hall of the Gods.

  • Complete all 36 tasks from Hermes's Heroic Tasks Board.

    When you reach the Hall of the Gods, you can head to the back (across from the health and stamina upgrades) to view Hermes' Heroic Tasks Board. Only the tasks in the four categories on the left need to be completed. The ones on the right are timed tasks that reward you with Elektrum, which isn't needed for any achievements, and can only be used with Hermes to buy special skins for weapons, mounts, armor, etc. You'll only be able to see four active tasks at a time, one per category, but do note that you can make progress towards all tasks simultaneously. For example, when you complete a task and turn it in at the board, the next task will likely already be partially complete, and in many cases, you may be able to turn in multiple tasks in a row. There are a few exceptions to this, noted in the list below, and are really only for killing regular enemies. Below is a list of all tasks, and some tips where appropriate. I have not included tips for simple ones that will come naturally. Just make sure that you turn in tasks for the first category, for killing enemies, because most of these can't be progressed until the task itself is active. The rest of the categories can be all done simultaneously.

    Elimination Tasks
    1. Defeat 10 animals
    2. Defeat 20 soliders of the dead (red soldier enemies)
    3. Defeat 40 monster enemies (harpies, griffins, cyclops, minotaurs, etc.)
    4. Defeat 3 Lieutenants - refer to Wing Nut (25G)
    5. Defeat 80 enemies
    6. Defeat 5 Legendary Monsters - refer to Ornithology (25G) 
    7. Defeat 3 Wraiths in their lairs - refer to Last Hero Standing (25G) 
    8. Defeat 8 Lieutenants - refer to Wing Nut (25G) 
    9. Defeat 10 Legendary Monsters - refer to Ornithology (25G) 
    10. Defeat all 4 Mythical Monsters - refer to Who's the Boss? (25G) 

    Vaults of Tartaros Tasks
    1. Collect 6 optional chests in Vaults
    2. Complete 6 regular Vaults
    3. Complete 2 Arena Vaults - see below
    4. Complete 3 hard difficulty Vaults (i.e. 3 out of 3 in difficulty)
    5. Complete all objectives in 22 Vaults - you may need to wait until you have certain Godly Powers, such as Athena's Dash, Herakles Strength (to be able to lift heavy objects), etc., before you're able to reach the optional chest in some Vaults
    6. Complete all objectives in 5 Arena Vaults - see below
    7. Complete all objectives in 10 hard Vaults
    8. Collect all Molten Fragments - this will require you to obtain the optional chest in all 10 of the Arena Vaults. For screenshots of the locations of all 10 Arena Vaults, refer to THIS LINK

    Exploration Tasks
    1. Collect 6 ambrosia
    2. Tame a mount
    3. Open 7 normal chests
    4. Open 7 guarded chests
    5. Collect 25 ambrosia
    6. Open 10 normal chests
    7. Open 5 night chests - see below
    8. Tame 2 unique mounts - these are the legendary mounts. Refer to Fenyx the Horseman (25G) 
    9. Open 25 guarded chests - there are far more than 25 in the game, closer to 50
    10. Obtain all Midnight Fragments - this requires you to open all 10 night chests in the game. For screenshots of the locations of each one, refer to THIS LINK

    Island Activities Tasks
    1. Complete 5 Myth Challenges
    2. Complete3 Fresco Myth Challenges
    3. Complete 3 Odysseus Myth Challenges
    4. Complete 20 total Myth Challenges
    5. Complete 4 Navigation Myth Challenges
    6. Complete 8 Lyre Myth Challenges
    7. Complete 11 Constellation Myth Challenges
    8. Complete all 80 Myth Challenges - this is the longest task in the game by far. You will need to complete every single Fresco, Odysseus, Navigation, Lyre, and Constellation Myth Challenge in the game. The only way to mark them on your map is to use Far Sight with analog-right.png and then reveal them when you hover over them. The only way I was able to find them all was to travel to each fast travel point on the map, and slowly scan every bit of the area in a circle, high and low, looking for everything I could reveal. If you find yourself stuck though, unable to find your last few, or don't want to bother scanning, refer to THIS LINK for a list of all challenges and screenshots of where they are. Unfortunately, there's no real way to know what challenges you're missing in a given area. The only ones you can easily tell are the Lyre Challenges, by heading to the big lyre for that region and seeing if there are any yellow portal slits left near it. Otherwise, the rest of the challenges you won't know what's missing. However, at some challenges you'll see a map on the wall showing lit/unlit blue dots, indicating where all of those types of challenges are, and the lit dots indicate which ones you've completed. It's worth at least making note of, for example, where one of these maps is for the Constellation challenges, one for the Fresco challenges, etc., so that when you get toward the end of the 80 in the game, you can travel to each of these maps to see if you've completed all of that type of Myth Challenges. Otherwise, you're stuck cross-checking your map of checked off challenges against every single one in the link above.
  • Fully upgrade the Potion tree.

    The potion tree is upgraded at any of the pots of Circe, one of which is located in the Hall of the Gods, but others can be found around the Golden Isle. The only ingredient you need to upgrade the potion tree is golden ambers. These are the rarest component in the game, and you will unfortunately need a huge amount of them. There are only three sources of golden ambers:
    • 3 golden ambers inside every normal chest (NOT inside epic, guarded, or night chests)
    • 1 golden amber can potentially be inside a chopped down tree. Look for the glowing around the base of the tree
    • Golden ambers are rewarded for completing some of the tasks on Hermes' task board
    To put it in perspective, after completing all tasks on Hermes' task board and opening every single normal chest in the game, plus I had chopped down some trees and found some ambers in them, I still needed 22 more golden ambers to fully upgrade the potion tree. Since I'm guessing the vast majority of people will not bother opening every single normal chest like me, you will likely need significantly more golden ambers. Most reports show people in the 60-120 range.

    Thankfully, there is a decently efficient way to grind out golden ambers that you need - chopping down trees. Before doing so, it is highly recommended to equip the armor that grants a 30% chance to add another ingredient. This means that each time you find a golden amber in a tree, you have a 30% chance of getting a free extra one. This will significantly reduce the grind. There are two ideal places to chop down trees - around the Gates of Tartaros, or around the big lyre in Clashing Rocks. Both places have trees that are scorched, improving visibility in general but also making it easier to see which trees are glowing with amber around their base. I also recommend making it night to make the glow easier to see. Personally, I preferred Clashing Rocks, as it's flatter and the enemies you may come across are far weaker. The method is essentially to fast travel to the big lyre in Clashing Rocks, and then run to each big group of trees and chop them all down. Grab all the golden ambers you find, and then when you're done, pause the game and quicksave. Load your quicksave and all the trees will be respawned, allowing you to repeat the process.

    This is relatively boring, and why I opted to collect all of the normal chests first, since that was more fun for me. But if you just want to grind it out by chopping down trees, expect to take around an hour or so. For me, I only need 22 and I finished in under 10 minutes, so unless you hunted down all of the normal chests, expect to spent closer to an hour grinding out tree chopping. On the plus side, this will virtually guaranteee you'll unlock Logs and Monsters (15G) in the process.
  • Fully upgrade the Godly Powers tree.

  • Fully upgrade the Skills tree.

    Both the Skills tree and Godly Powers tree are upgraded with Charon Coins. Charon Coins are awarded for completing Myth Challenges around the Golden Isle. There are a few chests in God Vaults that are missable and contain a couple Charon Coins, but they are not required. In fact, you only need 269 Charon Coins to fully upgrade all Skills and Godly Powers. While that may seem like a huge amount, there are close to 150 extra Charon Coins in the game, meaning you will fully upgrade everything far before completing all Myth Challenges. You do unfortunately need to complete every single Myth Challenge for one of the final tasks on Hermes' task board. Refer to More than Twelve Labours (25G) for more information. This and Powered Up (15G) will be unlocked along the way to completing that task anyway.
  • Fully upgrade one weapon to its final tier.

  • Fully upgrade your Stamina.

    Stamina is upgraded at Zeus's workout area in the Hall of the Gods by spending Zeus's Lightning. You will need a total of 54 Zeus's Lightning to fully upgrade your stamina. The main way to obtain Zeus's Lightning is by completing Vaults of Tartaros. You will also get some Zeus's Lightning inside a few chests inside God Vaults, but these are not required. And lastly, you will get some Zeus's Lightning as rewards for completing some of the tasks on Hermes' task board. 

    As with ambrosia and Charon Coins, there is more Zeus's Lightning in the game than you need to fully upgrade your stamina, so you do NOT need to complete every single Vault of Tartaros. You will likely need to complete most of them though, with maybe around 10 or so being left incomplete. In terms of other achievements, be aware that there are tasks on Hermes's task board for completing all 10 arena Vaults, so make those a priority, and for obtaining all optional treasure chests in 22 Vaults, so ensure you always get the optional chests in all Vaults you complete. You also need to complete 10 hard (i.e. 3 out of 3 in difficulty) Vaults for a task. So make those your priority. Once you have fully upgraded your stamina and have completed those tasks for the task board, you can feel free to ignore all remaining Vaults of Tartaros, as they aren't needed for any achievements.
  • Achieve hero status.

    To unlock this achievement, you need to defeat all of the corrupted heroes in the Wraith Lairs. There are four of them, one in each of the four main areas of the game.

    Aphrodite will reveal Achilles and explain how wraiths and their lairs work. Head inside the lair and finish the boss fight to free the hero. Do the same with the wraiths in their lairs in the other three regions (Herakles in War's Den, Odysseus in The Forgelands, and Atalanta in Grove of Kleos) to unlock this achievement. Note that you can completely ignore the wraiths that spawn and attack you on the Golden Isle. Defeating them isn't needed for any achievements, and they just respawn anyway, so feel free to run away.
  • Change your appearance at the Hall of the Gods.

    After the prologue you'll head to the Hall of the Gods. Once there, after the story dialogue, head to the barber chair. Press button-y.png to use it, and change any aspect of your appearance to unlock this achievement. 
  • Take a photo.

    At any point during the game, press analog-left.png and analog-right.png at the same time to enter photo mode. Simply press button-a.png to take a picture and this achievement will unlock. 

Secret achievements

  • Complete Ares's Questline.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Ares is located in War's Den in the southeast. Complete his string of quests to obtain his essence and unlock this achievement. 
  • Meet Ares.

    Story-related; cannot be missed. 

    Ares is located in War's Den, the southeastern area.
  • Find Phosphor.

    Story-related; cannot be missed. 

    Shortly after finishing the prologue, when you're traversing the Golden Isle your view will be directed to the sky where you'll see a bird get struck by lightning. You'll then be given the quest 'Bolt from the Blue.' Complete this short and simple quest to unlock this achievement. 
  • Complete Aphrodite's Questline.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Aphrodite's questline starts in the western portion of the Golden Isle. Complete all of her quests to reunite her with her essence and unlock this achievement. 
  • Meet Aphrodite.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Aphrodite is located in the Valley of Eternal Springs, the southwestern area.
  • Story-related; cannot be missed.

    This will unlock at the end of the prologue. 
  • Meet Hephaistos.

    Story-related; cannot be missed. 

    Hephaistos is located in The Forgelands, the northeastern area.
  • Meet Athena.

    Story-related; cannot be missed. 

    Athena is located in the Grove of Kleos, the northwestern area.
  • Complete Athena's Questline.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Athena is located in the Grove of Kleos in the northwest portion of the map. Complete her string of quests to obtain her essence and unlock this achievement. 
  • Complete Hermes's Questline.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    After completing the questlines for Aphrodite, Ares, Athena, and Hephaistos, some dialogue will take place in the Hall of the Gods and then this achievement will unlock. 
  • Complete Hephaistos's Questline.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Hephaistos is located in The Forgelands in the northeast portion of the map. Complete his string of quests to obtain his essence and unlock this achievement. 
  • Defeat Ligyron.

    Story-related; cannot be missed. 

    This will unlock after ascending King's Peak and the fight that ensues.
  • Defeat Typhon.

    Story-related; cannot be missed. 

    This will unlock upon completing the game.
  • Defeat a Wraith.

  • Defeat the Mythical Monster bosses.

    There are four Mythical Monster bosses that need to be defeated for this achievement. Three of them can be fought at any time, but the fourth only appears after completing Athena's questline, at which point she'll gve you a side quest to defeat one of the Mythical Monsters.

    The four Mythical Monsters are located in the four "corners" of the map: the northwesternmost island in the Grove of Kleos, the northeastermost island in The Forgelands, the southwestermost island in the Valley of Eternal Springs, and on top of the roof of the tallest building in the southeasternmost corner of Ajax's Fort in War's Den. Refer to THIS LINK to see screenshots of where exactly on the map each Monster is located. Defeat all four to unlock this achievement.
  • Complete Phosphor's questline.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Phosphor's questline will send you all over the map to all four main regions, but the objectives are simple to complete. Complete the two main quests and this achievement will unlock.

DLC: A New God (Store Link)

There are 6 achievements with a total of 325 points

  • Fail the Initiation trial

    This achievement requires you to fail (either by falling into the abyss or losing all of your health) any time during the first trial of the DLC that Hermes takes you to. This will likely happen naturally (you'll likely fall during one of the platforming/gliding sections), but if you do manage to complete this trial without failing, simply return to it (located in the southernmost central platform) and jump off the starting platform to unlock this achievement.
  • Complete the secret trial

    Before you can complete the secret trial, you first need to unlock access to it. To do this, you'll need to collect all 24 of the god relics hidden in all of the trials. These function identically to the optional chests in the Vaults from the base game. Here, every single trial has exactly one optional chest hidden within. I recommend that, as soon as you start a trial for the first time, you enter Farsight and look for the chest, reveal it, and then mark it so it stays marked on your compass, ensuring you don't forget about it. Some of these chests just require reaching them, but many require some sort of puzzle to open a door or unlock them. The majority of these are pretty straightforward, especially with all the experience you'll have by now, but there are a couple tricky ones. If you get stuck on any, the video below shows the locations of all optional chests and how to reach/open them.
    Once you've collected all 24 relics, return to the center of the hub area, where there are seats in concentric circles. Interact with each glowing chair to place a relic on it. Once all 24 relics are placed, Hermes will open up the access point to the secret trial, right in the middle of the circle of chairs. As for the secret trial itself, it's meant to be novel and fun rather than challenging. It's a bit longer, and consists of minigames with references to other classic videogames, so enjoy it. If you get stuck during the secret trial at all, the video below also shows it being completed. Full credit to the creator of the video.

  • Acquire all blessings

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
    Each of the four gods has five or six trials you'll need to complete for them, and then you will be able to complete their trial to earn their blessing. Like the base game, these can be completed in any order, but you'll need to progress partway in all of them to be able to complete them all. Once you've completed all trials for all four gods, you'll unlock this achievement.
  • Earn your promotion

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
    This achievement will unlock upon completing the DLC. After acquiring all four blessings, you'll have access to Zeus's trial. Complete it to complete the DLC and unlock this achievement. You can still free roam in the DLC after completing Zeus's trial.
  • Find every piece of gear

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
    There is a new sword, axe, helmet, etc., that can be obtained in this DLC - one of each. Each one is a reward for completing one of the trials for the gods, meaning you will unavoidably collect all gear while working toward completing the DLC.
  • Master the art of fast transportation

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
    This achievement will unlock upon completing the Trial of Rampage's Initiation for Ares. This trial features portals like the one shown in the achievement image.

DLC: Myths of the Eastern Realm (Store Link)

There are 6 achievements with a total of 195 points

  • Complete Nuwa's Questline

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
    This achievement will unlock right as you enter the gate at the point of no return at the end of the DLC.
  • Complete Gong Gong's Questline

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
    You'll open the quest to go meet Gong Gong in the middle of Nuwa's questline. Follow his short and simple series of quests, culminating with a boss fight, at which point this achievement will unlock.
  • Divine



    Complete all Ruins of Heaven

    Ruins of Heaven in this DLC are the equivalent to Vaults of Tartaros from the base game. There are only 5 of them to complete, and will need to be spotted to mark them on your map. In terms of completing them, they should be relatively simple, especially if you've completed the base game and the previous DLC. However, if you can't seem to locate one or are having trouble completing any of them, refer to the following video, which shows the location of each and it being completed. These focus almost entirely on platforming challenges this, versus more of a puzzle focus in the base game and previous DLC. Also worth noting is that the optional chests in these Ruins of Heaven are not needed for any achievements, so feel free to ignore them.

  • Complete all Myth Challenges

    Similar to the base game, there are Myth Challenges scattered around the map, and you'll need to complete all of them. Most of them are slightly different than the base game, aside from the ones requiring you to place a bunch of blue orbs in the correct spots. Like all things on your map, you'll need to spot them and reveal them to have them marked on your map. Thankfully, the story quests will take you to/near almost every one of them such that they'll be marked on your map. If you're trying to clear them all out before finishing the story, be aware that there is a Mural Challenge up on Bu Zhou mountain near the top, if you're missing one.
    If you're having trouble completing any or locating any, refer to the following video, which shows the locations of all Myth Challenges and how to complete them.

  • Use Air Rings 20 times or more without touching the ground

    You will eventually be introduced to air rings as your progress through the story - you can pull yourself towards them in mid air at the cost of some stamina. As the description for this achievement says, you'll need to do this 20 times without touching the ground. There aren't many opportunities to get this achievement since the air rings only show up in a few Ruins of Heaven. By far, the easiest place to get this achievement is in Tutelage of the Black Emperor, which is a Ruin of Heaven that you will need to complete during Gong Gong's questline. This Ruin consists only of a aerial battle against three waves of enemies, but it takes place with multiple air rings around you, each of which has a respawning stamina orb under it. Take the opportunity before fighting the enemies to use the air rings in a circle around the arena over and over to unlock this achievement.
  • Defeat Tao Wu

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
    Tao Wu is the final boss of the DLC, and is quite easy assuming you aren't playing on the hardest difficulties. Bring a health potion or two with you and that should be plenty. An attack potion is also useful, and you should be able to upgrade your sword/axe multiple times by this point too. His attacks are all easy to dodge, and the only one to really be careful of is when he's pulling you in. He then lets out two energy blasts that deal a pretty high amount of damage. Of course, if you're playing on Story difficulty, you can easily tank with damage and just hit him over and over until you beat him.

DLC: The Lost Gods

There are 6 achievements with a total of 325 points

  • Make the Ultimate Offering

    Story-related; cannot be missed.
    This achievement unlocks upon completing the main mission to convince all four gods to return to Olympos. This requires you to do all of the quests for all of the gods, including the ridiculous quests Poseidon sends you on and clearing all of the Vaults of Tartaros for Hades. Once you've done all quests, you'll need to do another for Poseidon and Hades to eventually wrap up the main story.
  • Unlock all Heroic Gifts

    In this DLC, Heroic Gifts are the equivalent of Godly Powers from the base game and previous DLCs. All but three of the Heroic Gifts will be unlocked through story progression, being given to you by each of the gods and Athena as you help them and progress. The final three Heroic Gifts are given to you by completed side quests given to you by three different nymphs, one located on each of the three separate islands. The nymphs will give you side quests to kill "Extra Bad" enemies in the open world, and these are the equivalent of the Legendary Creatures and Lieutenants from the base game. They are just as easy to kill too. Simply head to the markers on your map and defeat the bosses, then return to the nymph to turn in the mission, at which point you'll be rewarded with a new Heroic Gift.
    In terms of the locations of the three nymphs, you will almost unavoidably encounter all three as you progress in the story and explore to find the Vaults of Tartaros (or at least reveal the blue question mark symbol on your map from each side quest giver). The left island's nymph is in the northwest section of the island; the central island's nymph is in the south; the right island's nymph is south central. Once you've completed all three nymph quests and progressed far enough in the story, you'll unlock all Heroic Gifts and this achievement. Note that the extra mission you get from the nymphs for defeating the final Extra Bad enemy isn't required for this or any other achievement.
  • Fully upgrade your Gear

    Like in the base game, your gear (helmet, armor, sword, axe, and bow) can all be upgraded at a forge with the colored shards you collect around the world. Also like in the base game, you'll get tons of blue and red shards from defeating enemies, and will never be in need of them. The limiting shards will be yellow and purple ones, and each is covered below.
    Yellow shards are mostly only found in yellow shard clusters around the open world. While you may visually spot some as you explore, this is unlikely, especially because of the camera view. Instead, keep an eye on your minimap as you explore new areas. Look for the yellow dots on your minimap (or yellow up or down arrows, which will be present if the dot is at a different elevation than you). These yellow dots indicate rare resources - sometimes they'll end up being consumables (which you may want/need for something else), but many times they will be yellow shard clusters. So, any time you're exploring and you see a yellow marker on your minimap, I highly recommend heading to it and collecting it, because you'll want all the yellow shards you can get, and exploring the map after completing everything else only to try to track down yellow shard clusters could prove very boring and tedious.
    Purple shards, like yellow shards, are mostly only found in purple shard clusters around the open world, but with one caveat: they are only/always found around the entrances to the Vaults of Tartaros. They are marked on your minimap with yellow dots like the yellow shards are, since these are also a rare resource. Since all of the Vaults are required to be completed to complete the story missions, you will unavoidably head to each entrance. While you're there (either before entering or after completing the Vault), head around to each yellow dot to destroy the purple shard clusters. There are typically three purple shard clusters per Vault entrance. You'll need almost all of them, so don't forget about it.
    One other source of yellow and purple shards are the optional chests in the Vaults of Tartaros. These are far easier to get to and open than the optional chests in the base game, so they're worth opening each time, even though they don't give you nearly as many shards as a shard cluster.
  • Lose 20 health chunks from using Heroic Gifts

    Refer to Ash the Leech (50G) for more information.
  • Eject 10 Abas from the ground

    As you progress through the story, you'll eventually be introduced to Abas, who sometimes burrow underground like moles and eventually pop up. To unlock this achievement, you'll need to use your rb.png + rt.png attack (which you'll learn automatically during the story) near a burrowing Aba to eject it. Be aware that the Aba must survive the ejection for it to count towards this achievement, so if your attack kills it while ejecting it, it won't count. Assuming you're playing on the easiest difficulty, this means you'll only be able to make progress towards this achievement on Abas with the gold around their health bar, but don't worry, they are plentiful. Once you get introduced to Abas in the story, they will start showing up with normal mobs of enemies that you encounter as you explore. Take each opportunity you get to eject any Abas from the ground (and if you see some on ground, wait a bit for them to burrow) and you'll unlock this achievement relatively quickly.
  • Gain 10 health chunks using Heroic Gifts

    As you progress in this DLC, you will earn different abilities - different colored squares that will pop up on the side of the screen, and will be either purple, red, blue, yellow, or green. Each of these abilities can "equipped" to your various skills and Heroic Gifts, and they can have various effects depending on the color of the ability and the "slot" you put it in.
    In order to gain health chunks while using a Heroic Gift, you will need to unlock the leftmost slot on any of your Heroic Gifts (it has a fist icon on it). Once unlocked, you then need to equip a purple square in that slot. You'll see that this will give you an 8% chance to recover half a health chunk upon a successful attack on an enemy. It doesn't matter which Heroic Gift has the purple square equipped on it: for example, if the purple square is equipped on your Axes, you don't need to attack with your Axes to use its effect. You can attack with your sword and still receive the benefit and make progress towards this achievement.
    In order to lose health chunks for Masochist (50G), you'll need to unlock the top central slot on any of your skills or Heroic Gifts, and then equip a purple square in that slot. This will make you use half a health chunk when using a Heroic Gift instead of expending a stamina chunk.
    As you may surmise from the above descriptions, losing health chunks from Heroic Gifts is far faster and easier than gaining. You will use half a health chunk every time you use a Heroic Gift. Gaining health chunks is far slower and more tedious. The first and more obvious reason is because you only have an 8% chance to gain health upon a hit. The second and third reasons are because if you have full health, you can't gain health, and then because enemies drop tons of health orbs that very quickly refill your health to full. To combat this, I highly recommend combing both achievements: use a Heroic Gift once or twice to automatically drain your health quite a bit when you encounter a group of enemies, then attack them and hope that you gain health chunks from your attacks (and avoid red orbs if possible). With this method you will definitely unlock both achievements during natural progression.

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