First steps in royal diplomacy Achievement

  • First steps in royal diplomacy



    Enter into a dynastic marriage

    This one of the more annoying achievements to get, as you will need to do a bit of planning and networking to do this. It will take a bit of time until the quest appears too, so this will likely be one of your last achievements. Basically, you need to marry one of the Great People in your imperial family to one in another player's’ imperial family. To do this, there are a few things you need to know. Firstly, you need to be in the same alliance as the other player. You need to know the gamertag of the other person, and have them agree to either marry the person you send or to send you the person you need. The great people both have to be older than 16 and have not been married before (they cannot be a widow/widower). You will need to communicate with the other player to make this happen. You can just send people out and hope for the best, but to guarantee you don’t waste opportunities, plan it out for guaranteed results as you may be sending out people to inactive players. 

    Once you have this all set up, there are two possible scenarios.

    If you need to send a person out, first open the Palace. Then go to the family tree and select the person you wish to send out, and click “Marry Abroad”. Search for and select the player you wish to send them to and send them. The other person has 24 hours in a regular (or x2) realm, 12 hours in a x4 realm, or 5 hours in a x10 realm to accept the marriage, after which time the person will return home.

    If you are receiving a person, you will get a message when they arrive. Open the Palace, go to the Family Tree and click on Marriage Candidate. Click Marry, then chose the great person you need them to marry, then confirm. Once you claim your reward, the achievement will unlock.


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