Junior conqueror Achievement

  • Junior conqueror



    Take control over 2 provinces

    Once you have the quest available, you need to take control over two provinces. You can either take an empty square or an independent city, but they have to be in a square adjacent to your province. To be able to annex more provinces, you must first research Centralization to certain levels depending on how many provinces you have. Centralization is expensive and will take a while into the game until you can research and afford to research it, but when growing your empire is vital. It is recommended to take over an independent city rather than an empty square if you have the option as it is cheaper and if you take over it will have a larger population and more starting buildings. Just make sure you have a half decent military if the independent city has a large population. You can always send a spy or two there to scope out what you may be dealing with. After your second province is controller, your reward will be available - take it to unlock the achievement.


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