Bloodhound Achievement in Import Tuner Challenge

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    Achivement will be unlocked by defeating Bloodhound.

  • How to unlock Bloodhound

    Since a lot of achievements are given for beating particular bosses, I’ll give the information on where and when to find each boss under each achievement, and what you have to do to make him show up. I’ll also give here a few tips on cars, race types, tuning, etc. since beating each boss doesn’t require any particular tips, other than knowing the track and not hitting anything.

    Cars: When you start your career, you only have 3.000.000CP so you can buy the following cars : Mazda RX-8, Nissan 180SX, Nissan Fairlady-Z Z33, Nissan Silvia, Nissan Skyline Coupe, and Toyota Supra JZA70. I personnally liked the Fairlady-Z Z33. After winning some races, you should be able to tune your car, but try to save some for a better stock car, like the RX-7, Lancer Evolution, Skyline GT-R, Impreza, or Supra JZA80. I personnally liked the Skyline GT-R BNR34. Don’t sell your old car to be able to buy a new car. You might hate the maneuvrability of your new car, and also you might need your old car to beat some wanderers later in the game.

    Tuning: All right, I’m not a pro in car tuning, but here are some things that are sure to help you in ITC. First, when you buy a part that has multiple levels, you will pay full price even if you have lower levels, so buying every levels may not be the best solution. Obviously, Engine upgrade is a good way to get more power and top speed, but is also costly. Cooling Module and Muffler also enhance your power and can be a good addition at a smaller cost. Nitro System should be bought, but not necessarily every levels of it. The change from a level to the next is small and you never get multiple boosts. All Power Train tunes are interesting since they let you adjust your car settings. Transmission lets you adjust gear ratio. If you have problems accelerating, you might want to change the ratio so your car upshifts faster. Suspension lets you adjust alignment (tire camber and toe) and suspension settings. Going with negative camber seems to be a good idea to increase grip, but do not overdo it. Go with positive toe to stabilize your camber settings. Spring rate, damper and stabilizers can all be set to hard (3-4) since you only race on paved roads. Ride height must be lowered, and lower front (traction) or back (power) more depending on your car. Brakes are important, but I don’t see the use to buy the best ones either. Finally, I don’t play too much with LSD Ratio and usually buy a good Clutch and 1.5 Way LSD. Body Tune is costly but makes the car lighter, which enhances overall speed. Buy it if you have everything else covered. I usually choose Soft Tires to have a lot of grip, and I never had any problems with tire damage. Aero is useful, cheap and kind of fun to do. Try to use parts that lower car weight. Finally, Exterior and Interior do not affect your driving. Of course, once you get enough cash, you may buy all the best parts. For complete in-game description of tuning, look at this thread.

    Race types: There are multiple ways to start a race. The usual way is riding on the highway and dim opponents to start a SP Battle. In this race, you must force your opponent to lose by making it’s yellow bar empty. Shaking off your opponent by being way ahead of him is the only way. Try not to hit anything as your bar will decrease if you make contact with cars or walls. Sometimes, diming an opponent will result in an additionnal opponent joining the race. You must then beat the 2 opponents to win the race. Some racers may also get help during the race. Finally, Chain Battles also exist, where you beat multiple opponents in succession. Opponents you have already beaten show up in green on your map, those who beat you are in pink and those you never tried to beat are in blue.

    Another way to find opponents is the Parking Areas (PA). You can start at these locations or get into them while in freeride. There, get to PA Battles, and you may find people to race against. In the PA, you will have a new race type which is the Time Attack Battle. Simply cross the finish line in first place to win. You will also meet wanderers there. Wanderers are numerous and will unlock achievements, but you must get far in the game before being able to beat one. A list of requirements to find wanderers is available in the ??? achievement description. One thing you should worry about is intersections. Once you open up multiple roads, you may get to an intersection while racing an opponent, and you have to make a decision of where to go... Choosing the wrong road will cause a draw (which will reset your winning multiplier). If you don’t know which way to go, you might want to wait for your opponent to choose before you, then follow him. However, if an opposing team is characterized by a particular track (e.g., Rolling Guys are always rolling the C1), they will always take the corresponding road at the intersection.

    Bloodhound is the first boss you will meet, and the easiest to beat. Beat every teams on the C1 at night (don’t forget to race on the inside and outside C1) to make him show up. He will appear on the C1.

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