- Estimated achievement difficulty:3/10
- Offline: 23 [820]
- Online: 4 [180]
- Approximate amount of time to 100015-20 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No difficulty.
- Unobtainable/Glitched Achievements: No

Import Tuner Challenge is a racing game that let's you drive and tune iconic japanese cars. Your main goal is to challenge other crews and individual drivers called Wanderers. The game is very stingy when it comes to achievements. You will drive 100 and 150 races before getting the next achievements. Luckily the races are very short and you will probably think to yourself "Just one more battle before I quit." The game is very addictive and the 400 races won't feel like a chore.

Step 1 - Quest Mode:
Quest Mode is the story mode of the game. You will spent most of the time here trying to finish that mode. You have to beat a total of 400 other racers to get the last achievement.

The first races are hard because your car is inferior to the other drivers. Buy the 1,000,000Cr car for beating the first boss and the game becomes very easy after that point. Soon you will unlock the 2,000,000Cr boss car and can use this while saving money for the Nissan GT-R (best car in the game) and the tuning parts for that car.

Check the achievement guide for a detailed description for beating the wanderers.

Step 2 - Time Attack:
Play this mode after beating the story mode because you can use the upgraded cars which makes this achievement a lot easier. I used the "Unknown" car which you can buy after beating "???".

Step 3 - Multiplayer:
Grab a friend and play ranked matches of battle mode on Xbox Live. You have to win 100 races. You can save some time if you let the loser grind the walls to lose faster.

The story mode is very monotonous and offers no variety. It's a forgettable racer that you probably won't look back to.

[XBA would like to thank VonThronstahl for this RoadMap]

Import Tuner Challenge Achievement Guide

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There are 27 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Achivement will be unlocked by defeating Bloodhound.

    Since a lot of achievements are given for beating particular bosses, I’ll give the information on where and when to find each boss under each achievement, and what you have to do to make him show up. I’ll also give here a few tips on cars, race types, tuning, etc. since beating each boss doesn’t require any particular tips, other than knowing the track and not hitting anything.

    Cars: When you start your career, you only have 3.000.000CP so you can buy the following cars : Mazda RX-8, Nissan 180SX, Nissan Fairlady-Z Z33, Nissan Silvia, Nissan Skyline Coupe, and Toyota Supra JZA70. I personnally liked the Fairlady-Z Z33. After winning some races, you should be able to tune your car, but try to save some for a better stock car, like the RX-7, Lancer Evolution, Skyline GT-R, Impreza, or Supra JZA80. I personnally liked the Skyline GT-R BNR34. Don’t sell your old car to be able to buy a new car. You might hate the maneuvrability of your new car, and also you might need your old car to beat some wanderers later in the game.

    Tuning: All right, I’m not a pro in car tuning, but here are some things that are sure to help you in ITC. First, when you buy a part that has multiple levels, you will pay full price even if you have lower levels, so buying every levels may not be the best solution. Obviously, Engine upgrade is a good way to get more power and top speed, but is also costly. Cooling Module and Muffler also enhance your power and can be a good addition at a smaller cost. Nitro System should be bought, but not necessarily every levels of it. The change from a level to the next is small and you never get multiple boosts. All Power Train tunes are interesting since they let you adjust your car settings. Transmission lets you adjust gear ratio. If you have problems accelerating, you might want to change the ratio so your car upshifts faster. Suspension lets you adjust alignment (tire camber and toe) and suspension settings. Going with negative camber seems to be a good idea to increase grip, but do not overdo it. Go with positive toe to stabilize your camber settings. Spring rate, damper and stabilizers can all be set to hard (3-4) since you only race on paved roads. Ride height must be lowered, and lower front (traction) or back (power) more depending on your car. Brakes are important, but I don’t see the use to buy the best ones either. Finally, I don’t play too much with LSD Ratio and usually buy a good Clutch and 1.5 Way LSD. Body Tune is costly but makes the car lighter, which enhances overall speed. Buy it if you have everything else covered. I usually choose Soft Tires to have a lot of grip, and I never had any problems with tire damage. Aero is useful, cheap and kind of fun to do. Try to use parts that lower car weight. Finally, Exterior and Interior do not affect your driving. Of course, once you get enough cash, you may buy all the best parts. For complete in-game description of tuning, look at this thread.

    Race types: There are multiple ways to start a race. The usual way is riding on the highway and dim opponents to start a SP Battle. In this race, you must force your opponent to lose by making it’s yellow bar empty. Shaking off your opponent by being way ahead of him is the only way. Try not to hit anything as your bar will decrease if you make contact with cars or walls. Sometimes, diming an opponent will result in an additionnal opponent joining the race. You must then beat the 2 opponents to win the race. Some racers may also get help during the race. Finally, Chain Battles also exist, where you beat multiple opponents in succession. Opponents you have already beaten show up in green on your map, those who beat you are in pink and those you never tried to beat are in blue.

    Another way to find opponents is the Parking Areas (PA). You can start at these locations or get into them while in freeride. There, get to PA Battles, and you may find people to race against. In the PA, you will have a new race type which is the Time Attack Battle. Simply cross the finish line in first place to win. You will also meet wanderers there. Wanderers are numerous and will unlock achievements, but you must get far in the game before being able to beat one. A list of requirements to find wanderers is available in the ??? achievement description. One thing you should worry about is intersections. Once you open up multiple roads, you may get to an intersection while racing an opponent, and you have to make a decision of where to go... Choosing the wrong road will cause a draw (which will reset your winning multiplier). If you don’t know which way to go, you might want to wait for your opponent to choose before you, then follow him. However, if an opposing team is characterized by a particular track (e.g., Rolling Guys are always rolling the C1), they will always take the corresponding road at the intersection.

    Bloodhound is the first boss you will meet, and the easiest to beat. Beat every teams on the C1 at night (don’t forget to race on the inside and outside C1) to make him show up. He will appear on the C1.

  • Achivement will be unlocked by defeating Midnight Cinderella.

    Beat every teams on the C1 at midnight to make her show up. She will appear on the C1.

  • Achivement unlocked by defeating Platinum Prince.

    Beat every teams on the C1 at daybreak to make him show up. He will appear on the C1. Beating all three bosses in the C1 will open up the Shinkanjo.

  • Achivement unlocked by defeating Garnet Dawn.

    Beat every teams on the Shinkanjo at daybreak to make him show up. He will appear on the Shinkanjo.

  • Achivement unlocked by defeating Silent Cassiopeia.

    Beat every teams on the Shinkanjo at night to make him show up. He will appear on the Shinkanjo.

  • Achivement unlocked by defeating Azure Sniper.

    Beat every teams on the Shinkanjo at midnight to make him show up. He will appear on the Shinkanjo.

  • Achivement unlocked by racing the C1 inside within 5'00"000 in Time Attack.

    Do time attacks only after you have a maxed out tuned car in your career. This will make it possible to get the required time. Beat C1 inside within 5'00"000 to get this achievement.

  • Achivement unlocked by racing the C1 outside within 5'00"000 in Time Attack.

    See “Inside C1 Time Attack”.

  • Achivement unlocked by racing the Shinkanjo counter clockwise within 6'00"000 in Time Attack.

    See “Inside C1 Time Attack”.

  • Achivement unlocked by racing the Shinkanjo clockwise within 6'00"000 in Time Attack.

    See “Inside C1 Time Attack”.

  • Achivement unlocked by racing the Shibuya 3 within 3'30"000 in Time Attack.

    See “Inside C1 Time Attack”.

  • Achivement unlocked by racing the Shinjuku 4 within 6'00"000 in Time Attack.

    See “Inside C1 Time Attack”.

  • Achivement unlocked by racing the All counter clockwise within 16'30"000 in Time Attack.

    See “Inside C1 Time Attack”.

  • Achivement unlocked by racing the All clockwise within 16'30"000 in Time Attack.

    See “Inside C1 Time Attack”.

  • Achivement unlocked by wining an Xbox Live Race.

    Play on Xbox Live and win your first race. I suggest finding a partner on this site's forum, because you won't find people playing this game otherwise.

  • Achivement unlocked by wining 10 Xbox Live Races.

    Play on Xbox Live and win 10 races.

  • Achivement unlocked by wining 50 Xbox Live Races.

    Play on Xbox Live and win 50 races.

  • Achivement unlocked by wining 100 Xbox Live Races.

    Play on Xbox Live and win 100 races.


Secret achievements

  • Defeated Skull Bullet.

    After you beat Garnet Dawn, Silent Cassiopeia and Azure Sniper, you will be able to race Skull Bullet. Meet him in Tatsumi PA during daybreak.

  • Defeated a Phantom 9 member.

    You must in fact take out the whole Phantom 9 crew, including Snake Eyes, to get this achievement. After you beat every teams during night, three Phantom 9 members will appear. Do this during midnight and daybreak too to beat the other six members. Then, Snake Eyes will appear in Shibuya PA.

  • Defeated Snake eyes.

    See “Phantom9 Member”.

  • Defeated Crimson Devil.

    After beating Freeway team (night), Crimson Devil will appear (Shinkanjo). If not, continue to beat other teams (like Juicy Heaven) to make him show up.

  • Defeated Melancholy Angel.

    After beating No Loser team (midnight), Melancholy Angel will appear (Shinjuku Line). If not, continue to beat other teams to make him show up.

  • D3



    Defeated D3.

    After beating Knife and Fork team (daybreak), The Rook, The Bishop, and The Knight will appear in succession (Shibuya Line). Beat them all to win this achievement. If not, continue to beat other teams to make them show up.

  • Defeated White Charisma.

    After beating Departure team (midnight), White Charisma will appear (C1). If not, continue to beat other teams (like Freedom Light) to make him show up.

  • Defeated King Speed.

    After beating every single teams and bosses, King Speed will appear at Yoyogi PA.

  • ???



    Defeated ???.

    Here is a list of the wanderers and how to make them race you. The list gives the Rival List number (#), name, location, and pre-requisite and is arranged by period (night, midnight, daybreak). Thanks to HellzManik and DJC617 for giving us the pre-requisite list. You must beat each and every Wanderer before you can face ???. He will be on the C1.

    #310 Garage Haruo – Kyobashi PA. Must Be Full Tuned
    #311 Lonely Wolf – Shiodome PA. Must Have over 100 Races
    #312 Kamikaze Koji – C1. Every 3rd Day
    #313 Immortal Jester – C1. Only on Wednesday must have vinyl
    #322 Hopeless Home – Shibuya PA. Enter on Shibuya Entrance more than 3 times
    #323 Impatient Eternity – Shibuya. Only on Monday's
    #324 Impatient Princess – Shibuya PA. Can not travel more than 3 miles for the day
    #332 Ignorant Fool – Tatsumi PA. Custom Cars only
    #333 Wild Heart – Shibaura PA. More than 100 wins
    #334 Lonely Nihilist – Shinkanjo. Use Ariake Entrance
    #335 Masked Stranger – Shinkanjo. Have vertical Doors
    #344 Wolf’s Requiem – Shinjuku. Must use an unmodified car
    #345 Mosquito Lemon – Shinjuku. Sell 2 or more cars
    #346 Iron Racer – Shinjuku. Turn off Music
    #354 Speeding Fanfare – Shiodome PA. Own at least 3 cars
    #355 Dog Ears – C1. NA Car only
    #360 Gold License – Shinkanjo. Defeat Yellow Desperado (#317)
    #361 Caffeine X3 – Shibaura PA. Appears on any day with a number "3", and your car plate must be "3333"
    #366 Tragic Matterhorn – Shibuya PA. Fairlady-Z cars only
    #367 Tomorrow Again – Shibuya PA. S Class Muffler
    #371 West Shinjuku Assembler – Yoyogi PA. You must add "meters" to your vehicle
    #372 Matashichi the First – Yoyogi PA. Must defeat "Phantom 9" team

    #314 Silent Barbarian – Kyobashi PA. 4-Door Luxury Sedan only
    #315 Rolling Master – C1. Drive Custom Car "Rolling Guy"
    #316 Master Position – C1. Defeat "Cat X Cat"
    #317 Yellow Desperado – Shiodome PA. Odometer less than 124 miles
    #325 Iron Triangle – Shibuya. Multiples of 5 and must drive Mitsubishi
    #326 Sheperd Nekazawa – Shibuya. Pass him 3 times
    #327 Raspberry Kiss – Shibuya PA. Must have Carbon Fiber Hood
    #328 Craftsman Manabe – Shibuya. Only on Tuesdays and have customized aero
    #336 Critical Elegy – Tatsumi PA. Ride height as low a possible
    #337 Jet Skater – Shinkanjo. Multiples of 4 and have Nitro equipped
    #338 Mad Fat – Shinkanjo. 90 days or more have passed
    #339 Ono the Technician – Shibaura PA. Battles no longer than 2 minutes overall
    #347 King of Eden – Shinjuku. Must drive RX-8 with less than 62 miles
    #348 Loyal Knight – Yoyogi PA. Battles cars with over 621 miles
    #349 Gentle Rain – Shinjuku. Must have S class Body Tune
    #350 Last Flight – Shinjuku. He likes to battle where the race is as short as possible
    #356 Fleetfoot Valkyrie – Kyobashi PA. Must have gone over 186 MPH in a race
    #357 Death Driver – C1. Must talk to T.Naitou in Kyobashi PA at daybreak. He then appears on the C1 at Midnight
    #362 Inferno Machine – Shibaura PA. Must have 10 Million CP
    #363 Waist Hakujin – Tatsumi PA. Own 5 or more cars
    #368 Fire Storm Streamer – Shibuya PA. Normal Tires Only
    #373 Matashichi the Second – Shinjuku. Defeat Matashichi the First (#372)

    #318 Tsukkomi Breaker – C1. Must have neon and Defeated "Platinum Prince"
    #319 Cutie Hip – Shiodome PA. No rear spoiler
    #320 Bloody Mary – C1. Change the sound of the Horn
    #321 Shonan Affair – C1. Only on Thursdays, Must drive a Rotary (RX7 and RX8)
    #329 Midnight Silver Wolf – Shibuya. Appears every 10 days, must drive a Toyota Supra (the one at 1 940 000 CP)
    #330 Shimokitazawa 2000cc – Shibuya. Appears on Weekends and you must have driven 20 Miles that day
    #331 Illusion B – Shibuya. Appears Friday and Have customized Tail Lights
    #340 Tsujikiri Gambler – Shinkanjo. Appear when the sum of the day's number equals 9
    #341 Green Wild Child – Shinkanjo. Must drive a Subaru
    #342 Unbalanced Ishii – Shinkanjo. Use different types of wheels for the front & rear
    #343 Free Tree – Shibaura PA. Normal Muffler only
    #351 Panel Bomber – Yoyogi PA. Must have at least 400HP
    #352 Crybaby – Yoyogi PA. Turbo Cars only
    #353 Stalking Hammer – Shinjuku. Must have 2 of the same car in your garage
    #358 Speed Coaster – Kyobashi PA. Must average 100MPH+ in a race
    #359 Jump Start Maki – Shiodome PA. No Nitro
    #364 Dauntless Alexander – Shinkanjo. Must have 3 consecutive wins and he'll be waiting near Rainbow Bridge in the south of Shinkanko. He’ll challenge you.
    #365 SPEED BOX – Shinkanjo. Defeat "Phantom Babe" (#223) to make him appear
    #369 Shinji the Harbinger – Shibuya. Steps in when "Bright Age" is in trouble
    #370 Bright Age – Shibuya. Must be in "Shibuya Line" Area for a week (4-5 days)
    #374 Free Maebashi – Shinjuku. Looks for "The Bone" Sticker
    #375 Punchline Hiranishi – Shinjuku. If "Free Maebashi" (#374) loses he'll show up after

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