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There are 48 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • I filled my bag with every good I could find. I'll eventually either sell it all or make myself some

  • It would have taken too long to do each prisoner independently, so I lined them up and killed them a

  • I'll die if I don't stop the bleeding.

  • I knew he could see me with those frozen eyes.

  • I need to stay as healthy as possible.

  • Kill something with a flaming arrow (shoot it through fire, or while on fire)

  • Kill 3 enemies with 1 bolt of lightning.

  • Toro



    The boar is beginning its charge. Now is the time to strike!

  • I will need at least ten loyal followers to take up my cause. Recruit ten followers.

  • Have 500 unspent experience during a run. Note: Stacks with Experience Trader

  • Is there even a man amongst that cloud of flies?

  • Smithy



    Break 5 weapons in 1 run

  • Only fifty ingots and already me arms are near to fall off. Make 50 ingots using a forge.

  • The fight was over but he was bleeding badly and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

  • Go ahead tire yourself out upon my shield. Block a large amount of enemy attacks with a shield.

  • I poured through the library and found five books that should be of great help to me.

  • Pious



    My god loves me. I have dedicated my life to him and he'll surely not abandon me now. Right?

  • All these soldiers always yelling about honor on the battlefield. I'll stick to the shadows.

  • I've a sizable bag of coin now and all it took was five murders. Kill 5 civilians.

  • I may be a simple farmer. But the warmonger has gone too far. He has to die.

  • I've performed this ritual three times already. Activate 3 blood mage rituals in one run

  • Think I can get them both if I aim just right... Kill two enemies with a single arrow.

  • Just how much of a mage could a chunk of obsidian really be anyway?

  • Never enter a battle without your armor.

  • I do not need any useless memories to distract me from my task.

  • The only way to truly appreciate magic is to master its every form.

  • I'm not done yet... and you'll be coming with me! Defeat a boss while bleeding out.

  • I have a dozen different weapons here. Any of them will suit my needs.

  • My army will show him true justice. Kill Brearg with the Solider

  • I have recently purchased five marvelous weapons.

  • All these different memories... I do not know who I am anymore.

  • Pray to thousandfold that you may continue to incite violence. But don't pray too hard.

  • Did i do this...? maybe what they say about me is true.

  • It is going to take at least a hundred ingots to make every weapon I want.

  • Fine! I don't need a key anyway! I will just smash it open!

  • I've enough goods to make a hefty profit. Buy a lot of experience at a shop.

  • Find 4 treasures in one run

  • Get a weapon up to +10.

  • Ghost



    Complete a level without being detected.

  • Defeat a god without attacking him with your weapon (spells and allies are fine).

  • Chop down 150 trees in 1 run.

  • Ten vials. All different colors. Let us see what happens. Chemist Identify 10 potions in one run.

  • What are the odds of finding him here? At least a hundred to one.

  • For three score days the disease ate away at my body and my lifespan has certainly been reduced

  • I only trust my fists. Defeat a boss using only your fists.

  • None of us will leave this room alive. Kill 6 enemies while bleeding out.

  • I have my trusty blade right here. I call her Godkiller. Never even been sharpened

  • I reached my journey's end in only fifteen minutes.

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In Celebration of Violence Achievements FAQ

  • How many In Celebration of Violence achievements are there?
    There are 48 achievements to unlock in In Celebration of Violence worth a total of 1000 gamerscore.

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