- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 12 (200)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 15-20 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Number of missable achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheat codes
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: No

Invincible Tiger is a beat-em-up that was the first 3-D game on XBLA. It is funny, entertaining and enjoyable and whilst most of the achievements are straightforward, it has a couple which require a certain amount of effort and grinding to obtain, which is why it has been given a high difficulty rating.

Once a level has been cleared in the story mode of Invincible Tiger it can be replayed at any point which makes none of the achievements missable. By following the abbreviated walkthrough you should be able to minimize the number of playthroughs you need. However, you will still require two playthroughs though as you must complete both the story mode of this game and earn gold medals in all time trials. To unlock the time trials/endurance mode for a level you must first beat it in story mode.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:

1) Here is a link to a thread with all of the basic combos/fighting techniques you will need to master this game: Combo List and Fighting Guide.

2) Begin by playing through the story mode, in which there are 5 levels and one Bonus level for the credits at the end. You should kill two enemies with one hit playing naturally, but you will need to take note of the guides for “Zen Master” and “Dragon Lord” to get them on your first playthrough. It is easiest to get these three achievements on the first level. Remember to avoid pressing in the first level so that you don’t heal yourself and to collect at least three Evil Souls to activate a Smart Bomb with in each level. When you reach the first boss in the first level, (you go to the third section of the level and fight against a huge guy with a sort of spear) use the method in Zen Master to get a 10x and unleash maximum Zen for over 100,000 points. Finally, when you reach stage 6 of level 5 take note of the method in “No Warriors Hurt During Filming” to grab that achievement. After you beat the credits you will unlock your 8th achievement.

3) Start working on the Time Trials for each level. You must finish with at least 3:30 on the clock to earn a gold medal. These are very difficult so persevere with one level at a time, get to know the combos and enemy spawns for each level and follow the achievement guide for tips on how to beat the time.

4) If you haven’t already unlocked the final three achievements go to the first level (The Old House) and dodge the first enemy’s attack as many times as needed. Then use the method in the guide to kick 100 buckets, and last of all load up ‘The Old House’ on Endurance mode and grind it out until you have defeated 10,000 enemies.

Following this Road Map and the achievement guide where necessary you should be able get the full 200 without spending too much time on the game. It is a very enjoyable title though, so have fun where you can with the achievements and it won’t seem like as much grueling work.
[x360a would like to thank Avenged Remains for this Road Map]

Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Play to the end of the credits

    There are five main levels in the game, and then a ‘Bonus’ level for the credits. After defeating the Overlord on the fifth level (The Emperor’s Tomb) and watching the cut scenes you will be on a platform with enemies spawning to the far left and right. These are the credits, for every enemy you defeat a new name will appear. Simply defeat all of the enemies on this level.
  • Achieve gold in all time trials

    As the hardest achievement in the game, achieving gold in all time trials will be no easy task. You unlock the time trials for a level by beating it in story mode. Here are some pointers which will help you with this achievement:

    - You must beat the level before the timer reaches 3:30 to obtain gold.

    - Remember to use combos effectively: either memorize which combos work best against which enemy using the Book of Knowledge, or check this thread for a list to keep handy whilst playing.

    - You should be constantly attacking, so most of the time your Yin Yang meter will be completely white. If you must dodge an attack use it immediately to get a burst of invincibility and to quickly eliminate one or two nearby enemies with any combo. This is a good technique to use against blocking enemies too: let them attack so you can dodge and quickly deal a punishing blow to them while keeping your meter almost at

    - Obviously try not to die; this wastes time getting back to the enemies that killed you but also resets your Yin Yang meter. However, don’t waste too much time hiding and trying to meditate to replenish health as this can waste a lot of time too.

    - When fighting against bosses always dodge their attacks so that they become vulnerable and then unleash some of your Zen to do much more damage than normal.

    - Collect Evil Souls when appropriate. Don’t chase an enemy down for one and try to hold on to them so that they automatically regenerate your health. If you get hit too much and it looks like you might lose one, quickly run away until it stops flashing. Only use a Smart Bomb either when you’re sure the level’s full of enemies, when you’re very low on health or when there’s one or two more Evil Souls on-screen.

    - Try to unlock all of the special moves and counter attacks that are in Book of Knowledge. It’s difficult to tell when to pull these moves off, but if you have them unlocked there’s always the chance that you might accidentally do one and score an instant kill. Generally speaking though, to counter attack you must strike an enemy at the exact same time as they strike you. My advice would be to stick to the methods above and hope for a few of these lucky kills.

    - If you’re struggling then try and find someone to play co-op with. As the game isn’t very popular you’re probably better off getting a friend to play locally with, but you could always try the Achievement Trading Thread. Just bear in mind that you get a minute less to complete the time trials in co-op, although I did these in co-op and found that having two people was more than enough to compensate for the loss of a minute. Also, for some reason my partner didn't unlock this achievement when we finished getting all golds (I was host). He simply hosted the first level, we got gold again and the achievement popped.
  • Kill 2 enemies in a single hit

    This is probably the easiest achievement in the game and one of the first you’ll unlock. You’ll get this by just playing through the game naturally, but if for some reason you don’t, load up the first level. Run around the screen so that 3 or more enemies are following roughly the same path towards you (easiest to do by pressing and continuously jumping over them), charge your Yin Yang meter up so that you can unleash some Zen and then just use any 3-hit combo on the enemies trying to attack you.
  • Unleash the perfect Zen

    Every time you successfully use a combo on an enemy your Yin Yang meter fills up white. When you dodge an enemy’s attack it fills up with Grey. Fill it up to 50% with each and press to ‘unleash the perfect Zen’. It’s easiest to do this on the first level by filling your meter (past) halfway using attacks and then just keep dodging until it has a 10x multiplier on it.
  • Achieve dragon rank

    This can be quite tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing, but it is very simple once you get to grips with the combos in the game.

    When you attack an enemy the ‘Animal’ meter in the top left corner fills up. Likewise, when you take damage it depletes. The higher your rank is the more damage you’ll do and the more points you’ll get for defeating an enemy, but it becomes harder to increase your rank further and much easier to lose it.

    One good method to use is to alternatively use a standing and then a crouching combo. However, quite a few people (myself included) have found that your meter stops filling up around the 7th or 8th rank, or sometimes even starts to deplete.

    Alternative Method:

    You can get away with spamming one combo continuously until about 5x. After that you’ll need to start varying your combos. At 7x you'll need to start utilizing the following example(s): standing, crouching , standing , crouching .

    If this only gets you to 8 or 9 then vary it even more to: standing, crouching , standing crouching . If that still isn’t topping it out then change it to: standing, crouching , standing , crouching .

    Any hit of each combo should increase your meter a little, so if the full combo is blocked just move on to the next one instead of repeating it.
    Although this can be done at any time throughout the game, it’s easiest to do on the first level (The Old House) in Endurance mode.
  • Beat a level without meditating

    You can use some of your Yin Yang meter to ‘meditate’ by holding down which heals you. Just make sure you don’t press it at all throughout an entire level and you’ll get this achievement once the scoring tables come up after the cut scenes. This is most easily done on the first level (The Old House) too. You can purchase extra lives if you use your original 3 with your ‘credits’ you earn from defeating enemies, so remember to chain more attacks together and try to dodge any incoming ones. The first extra life costs 50,000, the second 75,000 and the third 125,000. You shouldn’t need more than that.
  • Score 100,000 in a single kill

    The easiest way to do this is again on the first level defeating one of the three bosses. Just fill up your Yin Yang meter so that you can use a perfect Zen (see the method described in ‘Perfect Zen’ for help) and use it to deal the finishing blow(s). I only got the opportunity to use it on the final boss of the three, but using it one the first or second will work too. Just make sure that you have taken off almost all of its health and then dodge an attack so it becomes vulnerable. It also helps if you have a high animal rating (see ‘Dragon Lord’).

    Another method for this is to wait until there are a lot of enemies on screen and to unleash a perfect Zen on them. As you cannot be harmed kill all the enemies you can. However, this is much trickier to pull off and it is recommended just to replay the first level until you manage the first method.
  • Kill no stone warriors

    The stone warriors don’t appear until stage 7 of the final level ‘The Emperor’s Tomb’ (right at the end – just before the boss fight). Once you clear the other 6 stages there will be a cut scene where Han puts his hand against a rock and there is a rumbling noise. A stone warrior will break through and you will go back to normal game play. Bear in mind that 4 stone warriors appear in this section. The best method to use against them without physically killing them is to jump all of the way to the top of the platforms by pressing up on the and . Wait for the stone warrior to reach the top (it should be right behind you anyway) and then do the opposite to drop down to the bottom level. When you are directly underneath the position of the stone warrior on the platforms he will shout and try to jump down on top of you. If you are on the platform below him quickly roll out of the way by pulling left or right on the , or if you are further down just let him do it. Either way he’ll explode on impact and it won’t count as you killing him. Rinse and repeat for the other 3 that come out from the newly formed hole.

    The next part is much harder as you have to face the Overlord whilst avoiding and killing any of the stone warriors. Although you can’t technically kill them as their souls just generate a new warrior, it does count as a kill if you destroy one.

    The Overlord starts on the far right of the bottom platform, so quickly jump down and run towards him. He will fly towards you so jump over him and then dodge whichever attack he uses. The best method to use here is to only attack the Overlord when he is in the middle of one of the platforms as the stone warriors spawn to the far left and right, which could cause you to accidentally destroy one. Take your time when doing so; if you think that there’s a possibility that you might even land one blow on a stone warrior, don’t attack, just run away and meditate if you have to. When you have put a fair distance between you and the Overlord he will use his flying attack again. Use this to your advantage by jumping over stone warriors and making sure they’re in his way so he’ll destroy them for you.

    In the final part of the boss battle there are no stone warriors, so if you’ve reached this part without killing one just finish off the level and the achievement will pop after the cut scenes, when the scoring tables appear.
  • Perform 200 dodges

    To dodge an attack you must either press (and hold) up or down on the . You will know when an enemy is about to attack because their weapon (be it a weapon, fist or foot) will glow either yellow or blue. A yellow glow means it will be a standing attack, so you must hold down, whereas a blue glow means it’s a crouching attack so you must hold up. Simply pushing the in the correct direction may be enough to dodge weaker enemies, but holding it will guarantee you dodge, assuming you don’t press it too early (i.e. before they start to glow).

    Do this 200 times and the achievement will unlock. You will almost definitely get this just playing through the game and trying for the other achievements, but if not you could just replay the first level in endurance mode. Note that rolling does not count as a dodge.
  • Use Smart Bomb on every level

    To earn a Smart Bomb you will need to own three Evil Souls. On each level you will see enemies with a mask above their head. While passing through the level a mask will appear on the screen so you will know where to collect it. Once this happens find the enemy with the soul and kill them. You need to make sure you get there in time as after two minutes or so the mask will vanish.

    Once you gain possession of an Evil Soul you have two option, hang on to it as it replenishes your health, or store it at a Dragon. While storing it doesn’t give you any benefits, you can lose the Evil Soul if you take too much damage while it’s in your possession, so for this achievement you’re best of storing it. After you store three you can use a Smart Bomb which kills every enemy on the level at that moment by pressing the . Do this once on every level and the achievement will pop when you use your Smart Bomb on the last level.

    Note: This does not have to be in one playthrough. In fact, I only used a Smart Bomb in Time Trial for the first level and it still unlocked for me.
  • Kick 100 buckets!

    There are buckets on certain platforms throughout the first and second level which will re-spawn after a while. To kick a bucket just stand next to it and press . Simply keep repeating these two levels and kick every bucket you see. Alternatively, once you reach Chapter 9/10 of The Old House (the first level after you get pulled through the door by a mercenary) just keep dodging him and kick the buckets when they re-spawn.
  • Defeat 10,000 enemies

    This is by far the most time consuming achievement within the whole game. The easiest way to earn this achievement is to unlock Endurance Mode by completing the first level of the game. Once you have this mode unlocked load "The Old House" and press next to the tree on the far right to climb up.

    Once you're on this platform, you will be safe from the enemies below as they won't be able to climb up. You will have to watch out for the ninjas as they will be able to reach you. Now that you're in a safe area you will be here for several hours earning roughly 250 kills every 10 minutes.

    If you don't want to hide out and continuously kill enemies you can also play through the story several times. I recommend you play through the game and then play Endurance Mode to vary the level.

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