Razputin Achievement

  • Razputin



    Completed a mission while wearing the uniform of an elite PSI agent.


    This is composed of the Psi Goggles obtained from completing the Challenge for Emplacement Kills and the Raz Sweater obtained from completing the Challenge for Scrap Collected. These are both Personal Challenges, not Regiment Challenges.

    To complete the Emplacement Kills Challenge you'll need 2,500 kills solely from Emplacements. This is easiest farmed on the mission 'Oasis'. Use a Chassis that has two Heavy and two Light turret emplacement slots. The map is made up of four lane ways.

    The reasoning behind grinding on this mission is that it has the largest volume of Knobs. They will die in as little as one bullet sometimes. In front of the objective you will want to place six Machine Gun emplacements placed in two rows. This will cover the two lanes in the middle. As for the the outer two lanes you will want to place a Mine Dropper on each.

    Mine Droppers are hidden emplacements so Monovisions will walk straight past them. Because of this Knobs will roll straight on the mines and head for the Machine Gun emplacements in the middle. Other enemies will walk over them in groups and wipe themselves out.

    There is only one wave in which your emplacements may become overwhelmed if they are not sufficiently upgraded, it involves a lot of Knobs and a lot of Aerials. Be sure to maintain this volume of turrets and resist the urge to shoot. Using this method should net 300 - 350 kills each mission for Emplacements.

    To complete the Scrap Collected Challenge you'll need 25,000 Scrap. This is easiest farmed on the last mission of the act 'Pacific' called 'Farnsworth'.

    Equip a chassis with two Support Emplacements and some sort of long range weapon to defeat the boss with. Equip a Collection Prong, the higher tier it is the better. Collection Prong emplacements are also a hidden emplacement so Monovisions are oblivious to it. Because your chassis is primarily a Support role, emplacements will be cheaper to buy and upgrade.

    Once it starts, defeat the first two forms of the boss straight away but leave it sitting on the last form. During this form the boss will cause lightning storms very frequently. During these lightning storms 100 - 200 scrap is dropped all around the level. Place the Collection Prongs everywhere you think is necessary to cover the entire island you are standing on, upgrade as you wish.

    You will be attacked by Monovisions constantly so kill them to boost scrap. When playing in single player it is actually impossible to die, when you lose all your health a quick time event will pop up asking you to tap either , , or to regain health. As long as you do not kill the boss, you can sit here forever. Using this method it is entirely possible to collect 2,000 scrap every ten minutes.

    Once both items are unlocked, complete a single mission while wearing them. It is possible to complete the boss mission of the first act 'Europe' in 30 seconds with a good Trench set-up.


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