-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 50 (1000 )
-Online: 0 (0 )
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10-15 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (However two are recommended)
-Number of missable achievements: None!
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes

Iron Man 2 is the game that is loosely based on the blockbuster movie of the same name. Like many movie games, it is plagued with bad graphics, bad camera angles, and bad controls. The achievements are generic and the story is short. If you played the Iron Man game based on the first movie you will notice the achievement list is almost identical. It features the same type of difficulties with the same type of enemies. The only real differences to note are that there are now two playable characters and the controls. You once again have Iron Man but you also have access to War Machine now. Iron Man is more of an agility character while War Machine is more a brute. The controls have also been altered in a small sense. They took out the ability to boost while flying which can make dodging missiles and other powerful slow moving projectiles a bit more challenging in this game.

First Play Through on Easy
You’ll want to pummel through easy mode first. The reason why I suggest that is because you are nearly invincible on easy. You’ll want to use easy mode to get acquainted to the controls and the levels. You’ll also have the chance to make all the field research you need in order to fully upgrade all components of both Iron Man and War Machine’s suits. That will make your play through on Formidable a whole lot easier. The game also features tasks for achievements that involve doing optional objectives during each mission. It is very similar to the hero tasks from the other Iron Man. You’ll want to do those tasks during easy because they tend to force you to go out of the way on some. The story is very short (about five hours or so) so I would recommend just ignoring the achievement list and plowing through the entire thing as fast as possible and then checking your achievements after you have completed the game to see what you have unlocked and haven’t unlocked.

Mopping Up on Easy
Once you have beat the story, you will still most likely have an assortment of those optional tasks along with upgrades to buy left to do. I would recommend mopping up the optional tasks, beating certain levels with both characters, and unlockable armors first. After you complete that, you should move onto the weapon related achievements. For those, my recommendation would be to head to the third mission with whatever character you need the weapon achievement for and simply clearing the entire level of enemies being as its rather straight forward and easy. If you still need the Omega & Invincibility achievements load that same level and activate the respective power of your player and clear the entire room of enemies. Once you are done with that, you will overload a circuit board to unlock a door. You gain a checkpoint after that. Press and in the menu click on save checkpoint then return to the headquarters. By saving the checkpoint you have saved all the stats before you got to the checkpoint. That means you can merely just do the beginning of that level over and over saving at the first checkpoint until you get the special power achievement that you need. If you still need field data after all that for the Technical Genius achievement head to Level 6 and wipe out the boss for an easy 3-4 million points.

Formidable Difficulty
By now you should have every single achievement except for the Normal and Formidable difficulty achievements. With only those two achievements left, you can concentrate on keeping yourself alive and making sure you clear each level. If you beat the first Iron Man on Formidable, this version’s will be a cakewalk for you. Make sure that all your weapons for both characters have ultimate modules and whatever the most powerful ammo type is for them (lightning & armor piercing). I would recommend using War Machine with the machine gun and missiles for all the levels which allow you to choose a character. If any of the levels are giving you a hard time, establish a Call of Duty Veteran mentality for them; your shields are completely rechargeable so just hide behind cover and pop out every time you have full health and do a little bit of damage at a time until you’ve destroyed everything and move on.

[x360a would like to thank PointPlaceWI for this road map]

Iron Man 2 Achievement Guide

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Prevent Roxxon from stealing the Stark Archives.

    This is story related and comes after finishing the first mission. Simply defend the tower from the drones until the cut-scene kicks in. This level serves as a tutorial mainly to familiarize you with the control setup.
  • Prevent the Russian separatists from deploying Roxxon Armigers.

    This is also story related and unlocks after finishing mission 2. It also features your first fight with an Armiger. Simple to defeat, just shoot the beastie until it raises it's turrets and then destroy as many as possible. Once they retract, continue firing, also making sure to deflect the missiles back for some bonus damage.
  • Defeat the Crimson Dynamo.

    Story related. To defeat Crimson Dynamo, destroy the 3 target points on the main tower structure in the center of the screen which Dynamo draws power from. Once that is done, lay into him with your weapons. When he rises into the air to draw power, get ready to dodge to the side as he shoots a nasty beam at you which does a lot of damage on higher difficulties. Keep chipping away until the cut-scene and then just fire a few more shots to finish the job. Keeping your distance is advised during this fight.
  • Destroy Project PROTEAN.

    This is earned for defeating the Protean boss. Very simple. Start off by charging all 3 power outlets in the room. Once this is done, shoot the Protean until he turns green and goes into his health regen state. As soon as you see this, dash / fly into the adjacent room and operate the computer. This seals the doors and fries the big guy. You need to quite quick but if you mess up simply shoot at him again and retry.
  • Save Rhodey and the Stark mobile armory from the A.I.M. attack.

    This is earned for finishing the 5th mission after protecting the S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier the first time. Be on your toes to kill the enemies as quickly as possible here, utilizing the grapple attack is needed to turn the enemies onto your side. You will fight various waves of enemies attacking the engines and Tony's jet. After killing the last lot the level ends.
  • Defeat A.I.M. and save the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

    Story related. This comes after protecting the helicarrier from the armiger. On easy this level is fine, but on formidable it can be daunting. Make sure to load up on upgrades to your guns and equip them with armour piercing rounds and the highest damage module. You will then destroy the armiger so fast it'll make your eyes bleed.
  • Shut down the GREENGRID power transmitter.

    You get this one after shutting down the power transmitter. You face a lengthy escort mission on this level but it is very easy with a few tips. On harder difficulties, stay back and near the Arc Armiger. It can take a royal pounding, you can't. Even if it gets damaged badly, you can simply repair it and off it goes again. Make sure to mark targets for the armiger to shoot and priorities the turrets as they are the biggest threat. Just take it steady and repair the armiger as and when needed and you will find this level totally manageable on formidable.
  • Defeat ULTIMO.

    This is the final boss fight and can be a little frustrating. When outside as War Machine, you need to shoot the panels on his body until you see the button prompt. Fly in and tear it off. After taking off enough, you play as Iron Man inside the huge robot. For the protean ultimo inside, simply keep dodging and blast him with rockets. When he stops attacking and releases the 3 orbs, fly up and target each one as it is spinning and fire a rocket at it. When all 3 are down, you go back to War Machine.

    Repeat the same pattern until you play as Iron Man again. This time, after killing the 3 orbs, you will need to lay the final smackdown on ultimo. You once again play as War Machine and simply have to shoot giant Ultimo's head until he's dead.
  • Recover from the Roxxon EMP attack.

    This will be your first achievement and is gained after leaving Stark Tower on the first mission.
  • Prevent the first wave of Roxxon dropships from deploying their drones.

    As you leave the tower on the first level, you will see a drop-ship directly ahead of you. Fly towards it quickly and shoot it down. Now turn around and head back towards the tower and blow up the drop-ships that appear. Shortly after the achievement will pop. If you see any drones appear before the achievement pops, reload your checkpoint.
  • Only one S.H.I.E.L.D. transport lost in the canyon run.

    Firstly, remember, you will always lose one gunship during the second level, this is unavoidable. You start with 6 ships so you need to have the remaining 5 ships alive when you reach the tunnel at the end. You may get this on your first run through but it's a lot easier to accomplish with some upgrades under your belt. Swift killing is obviously the key, making sure you kill anything firing missiles as priority.
  • At least 10 S.H.I.E.L.D. units survive the battle for the docks.

    After emerging from the tunnel on stage 2, you will be in a dock area. Simply wipe out all enemy opposition here while preserving the S.H.I.E.L.D units. I got this without even knowing so it's very easy to obtain. Just kill quickly and you'll be fine.
  • Destroy all four Tesla reactor stabilizers in under 60 seconds.

    On mission 3, inside Shatalov's base, you will need to destroy 4 Tesla cores in a room to proceed (just before you fly out of the base). Just concentrate on taking all 4 out as soon as the message appears on screen and you will be fine. If you fail, reload checkpoint before heading through the door.
  • Destroy most of the structures in Shatalov's base.

    As you emerge from the tunnel on mission 3, you will be told to, "Access the facility subnet". You will see a number of marked buildings. Make sure you destroy all of the building's roof's so no panels remain. Then destroy all the fuel silo's and small buildings. This should ensure you get the achievement. It may take a while to pop but if you do as stated above you will get it.
  • Reach the bottom of the elevator shaft without touching a laser tripline.

    This looks very daunting but is really straightforward. On the Protean level, after hacking the second computer, you will set off a load of laser tripwires inside the shaft you need to go down. Just hug the side of the shaft and decelerate down carefully and you will get this easily. If you set any off, just reload checkpoint and try again.
  • Save all four repulsor lifts and all four stabilizers on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

    On the 5th mission, be sure to kill all enemies as quickly as possible. I almost always lost an engine on formidable so this is best attempted on your easy playthrough (however with upgrades this would not be an issue). You will be dashing between the engines and the jet on top of the carrier. If you need some help, don't forget you can grapple damaged enemies to turn them to your side. This can buy you some time when things look grim but isn't really necessary.
  • Destroy the A.I.M. Arc Armiger without using missile deflection.

    On the 6th mission, simply destroy the armiger without deflecting any missiles. Just keep your finger clear of the B button and you will be fine. With upgrades to your ammo and a nice damage module, you'll tear through the armiger in no time. Just be sure to quickly kill it's repair drones to ensure it doesn't regenerate.
  • Shut down GREENGRID without needing to repair the Arc Armiger.

    When escorting the Arc Armiger, just make sure to target and take out all the missile turrets ASAP. It will be advantageous to spend some points on upgrades just to ensure you are doling out good damage, thus reducing the impact on the armiger.
  • Reposition all of the GREENGRID relays without being interrupted.

    This one is obtained at the end of the 7th mission. Simply reposition the relays without being hit during the button prompt sequence. First off, destroy all the surrounding turret. Then, shoot the core to raise the relay terminals and fly over to the first one. Make sure you kill any enemies you see and then mash the button until it is complete. Repeat for the other 2 relays. You can do each of them one at a time to be on the safe side. Just make sure you're not hit while doing the button mashing.
  • Defeat ULTIMO with no armor damage.

    This achievement reads like you can't take ANY damage at all on the Ultimo fight, but this is not true. Don't worry about damage during the War Machine sections as these are fine. It's when you fight as Iron Man you need to be vigilant. Just make sure that Protean Ultimo never hits you once. The spinning orbs are okay, but Ultimo must not hit you once. Thankfully, he is easy to dodge around so this is actually a very easy achievement on any difficulty setting.
  • Complete every mission on Easy difficulty.

    See 'Invincible'
  • Complete every mission on Normal difficulty.

    See 'Invincible'
  • Complete every mission on Formidable difficulty.

    Not as difficult as it may sound or appear to be. In fact, once you have upgrades and a feel for the game, you will almost not notice the difficulty setting as you will be killing so fast. You do die a lot faster, with some enemies killing you in as little as 2 hits and bosses in 1 hit. My personal setup for Formidable was War Machine with 2 machine guns equipped with armour piercing bullets and the Ultimate module. His damage output with these is insane and shreds everything to bits. If Iron Man is more your cup of tea, you'll want a similar setup but opt for lasers in place of the machine guns. Just kill fast and make sure to land and recoup your shields if you are running low and you will breeze through.

    To keep all your upgrades and finish the game on formidable, simply press Start at the headquarters screen and change the difficulty from there then replay the missions in any order. As long as you do all 8 on formidable, the achievement will pop. Make sure not to start a new game as this will leave you with zero upgrades which is not good.
  • Defeat 100 enemies in close combat.

    See 'Overkill'
  • Defeat 100 enemies with War Machine's minigun.

    See 'Overkill'
  • Defeat 100 enemies with homing missiles.

    See 'Overkill'
  • Defeat 100 enemies with the rocket launcher.

    See 'Overkill'
  • Defeat 100 enemies with War Machine's shotgun.

    See 'Overkill'
  • Defeat 100 enemies with Iron Man's laser.

    See 'Overkill'
  • Defeat 100 enemies with Iron Man's repulsor.

    See 'Overkill'
  • Defeat 100 enemies with Iron Man's blaster.

    See 'Overkill'
  • Defeat 100 enemies with Iron Man's unibeam.

    All of these weapon achievements can be easily and quickly earned on mission 4 where you destroy the Protean. Simply hack the first 2 computers and then descend the shaft making sure you set off all 3 layers of the lasers. This will summon 3 waves of drones. Kill these with the desired weapon and then proceed through the doors. Kill the drones and 2 robots and then shoot the 8 wall mounted turrets. As soon as you see that the game has check-pointed, you are safe to back out to headquarters. From here, simply replay that part of the mission and all your kills will have counted making this the best place to grind for them.
  • Unlock all armor suits.

    You unlock suits at the end of missions if you scored well. To ensure a high score, make sure you take as little damage as possible and shoot down as many enemies as you can. Also, keeping allies alive and protecting friendly structures add to your score. You are almost guaranteed this at the end of your easy playthrough. If you do happen to be missing a suit, simply check the corresponding achievement in the guide to see which level it is gained on and replay on easy.
  • Invent every module, ammunition, and weapon upgrade.

    At first, it will seem like you're not earning near enough points to get this. However, bear in mind the final mission can net upwards of 40 million points. I really didn't have to grind at all for this. I had enough after completing my easy playthrough and a few levels on formidable. You do all upgrading from the research tab in your headquarters.
  • Defeat more than 1,000 enemies.

    This will easily come from playing the game so don't go out of your way to worry about it. You'll probably kill double that amount before you're through with all the weapon achievements.
  • Defeat a soldier with Iron Man's unibeam.

    The earliest opportunity to get this is on the second level as you emerge at the docks. You will see a couple of soldiers on the ground next to a tank. Simply hit the soldiers with the unibeam ( + ) and this will unlock.
  • Defeat 50 enemies in melee as Iron Man while Invincible.

    See 'Overkill'
  • Unlock the Ultimate Iron Man armor.

    This unlocks after obtaining a high score on the final mission.
  • Unlock the Classic Iron Man armor.

    This unlocks after obtaining a high score on the 6th mission.
  • Unlock the Classic Mark I Iron Man armor.

    This unlocks after obtaining a high score on the 3rd mission.
  • Unlock the Extremis Iron Man armor.

    This unlocks after obtaining a high score on the 4th mission.
  • Unlock the Mark III Iron Man armor.

    This unlocks after obtaining a high score on the 5th mission.
  • Unlock the Mark II Iron Man armor.

    This unlocks after obtaining a high score on the 2nd mission.
  • Unlock the Mark VI Iron Man armor.

    This unlocks after obtaining a high score on the 1st mission.
  • Unlock the Silver Centurion armor.

    This unlocks after obtaining a high score on the 7th mission.
  • Defeat the Russian separatists as both Iron Man and War Machine.

    Simply defeat the 2nd mission as both Iron Man and War Machine.
  • Defeat Crimson Dynamo as both Iron Man and War Machine.

    Simply defeat the 3rd mission boss as both Iron Man and War Machine.
  • Destroy Project PROTEAN as both Iron Man and War Machine.

    Simply defeat the 4th mission boss as both Iron Man and War Machine.
  • Shut down the GREENGRID power transmitter as both Iron Man and War Machine.

    Simply defeat the 7th mission as both Iron Man and War Machine.
  • Defeat 100 enemies as War Machine while using the Omega System.

    See 'Overkill'

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