In the Drink Achievement

  • In the Drink



    Avoid civilian casualties in the Flying Fortress mission

    This is a timed mission. All you need to do is finish the level before the timer reaches zero.

    To start off with while in the cutscene hold down LB. That way you are flying the second it is over with. Then press A for a boost and hold it down. Switch to thrusters to make yourself go even faster. Now when you here about the gunfire let go of A and steadily tap it to dodge. This will keep you out of harms way. Now once you get up to the fortress switch to Weapons and follow the below.

    First, you have to destroy 10 anti-aircraft defense turrets, except these shoot lasers. They are easiest to take out by actually landing on the surface of the fortress, since while you're in the air you're constantly knocked backward.

    Head to either the left or right of the Fortress and land first on the bottom wing and take out the first two lasers. Then head to the upper wing and take out both lasers there. Start heading across to the other side, taking out any copters or regular turrets you run into. Look closely near the base of the wing, where it attaches to the main part of the fortress and you'll notice helipads that the copters are flying out of. Destroy this, and hover jump your way to the top of the main section, where you'll find two more lasers. After they're destroyed, you'll find the second and final helipad on the exact opposite side of the Fortress. Once it's destroyed, take out the rest of the copters and use the same method you used on the other wing to take out the four remaining lasers.

    Once you've destroyed the lasers, you'll be told to destroy some hangars. These are located on the back side of the Fortress, on each of the wings. You'll notice hangar bays that jet fighters are flying out of. When the doors are open, land on the surface and shoot at the orange target with your repulsors. They only take one shot. There are two on each wing, so just fly to the other side and wait for the doors to open again to punch them out.

    For the next step, you have to blow up four Cooling Elements. These are located on the bottom side of the upper wing on each side of the Fortress. Attack them from the rear, and use the same method of landing on the surface of the lower wing to easily take them out.

    Next up, you'll need to high tail it to the front of the Fortress where a door will open up on the front of the main section, directly in the middle of the Fortress. Just be careful of flying into the engines. Inside, land and take out any defense turrets, then just destroy the Cooling Reactors with your repulsors, missiles (Y button) and your unibeam (Right Bumper.)

    Once those are destroyed, you'll have to destroy the main reactor. At this point, if you've followed my instructions, you should have at least 2 - 3 minutes left. Fly to the top side of the Fortress (where you'll be looking down upon it) and a new section will be opened up. Land inside and use the reactor as a shield from the enemies. Keep hitting it with missiles and unibeam shots until it blows and then the mission ends and the achievement unlocks.


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