Not a Scratch Achievement

  • Not a Scratch



    Avoid harming the destroyer and its crew in the Lost Destroyer mission

    The Destroyer will be sitting in a wide-open area in the middle of a frozen lake. You'll be able to easily tell it apart from the enemies, because it will target yellow on your weapons system. Look for the Controller Device located near the middle of the Destroyer ship and take it out, but make sure not to fire any errant shots at the yellow targets. If you do, restart the mission.
    Then, after you have cleared out all of the bases, you'll have to fight the submarine boss, which is actually quite easy if you follow this method. It will constantly appear to the left and right of the Destroyer Ship, so stay in hover and keep your distance, aim your reticle over the sub's main target (orange) and wait for the missiles to start flying your way. When they do, tap B and send them flying back. You can grab and toss back every single missile launched at you, but there is a specific rhythm and timing to the button presses. If you miss a few, you should be fine if you recover quickly enough, but if you start to run low on health, begin dodging until it submerges again. Keep moving from the left side to the right side, hitting it with its own missiles, until it goes under for good.

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