Shocking! Achievement

  • Shocking!



    Protect outlying occupied buildings in the Save Pepper mission

    For this you can not let any of the yellow dots on your map disappear (aka be destroyed).

    This mission will start off showing you a huge reactor and 4 tesla coils. When you start wait where you are for 2 seconds. Then fly straight through the tesla coil ahead of you. This will kill all surrounding enemies by the reactor. Now the reactor will be offline. So during this time fly around and kill enemies attacking tesla coils. If the tesla coil gets to yellow fly there fast and take out all enemies. Now it should say reactor stabilized. Fly through a tesla coil again to take out all enemies. Now rockets should be flying towards the reactor. Aim near the rockets and fire. Take out as many as you can. Now keep repeating the above.
    After awhile into the mission you will hear Jarvis talk about drop ships. Take them out and then go back to saving the tesla coils. Just keep taking out enemies, going through the tesla coils, and taking out the rockets. Jarvis will then state that multiple drop ships are coming in. By this time to pass the mission easily the reactor damage should be at 50% or less. Try to take out the drop ships but worry more about the incoming rockets. Now just take out the rockets and enemies.
    Jarvis will later state that the enemies are retreating. So high tail it up to the top of the reactor and wait for the missiles. Look on your radar. Wherever there is a big bunch of red, those are missile packs, and go to them first. Just keep turning around and firing at the missiles. Do this and the mission is passed.
  • This was absolute choas at the nicest of times, i restarted on easy cause i got annoyed with normal, this was still nuts... If someone would like to actually give a decent representation of what to do seeing as the achievement guide doesn't seem to come close i would be appreciative.
  • There is a reactor in the middle of the level, and several Tesla Coils surrounding. Flying through a Tesla coil provides some short term protection to the Reactor and this is the key to the level. Jarvis will let you know when you need to get back through a Tesla coil. The reactor can take a lot of damage and Jarvis tells you when its 75/50/25% down. When you hear that they are in danger, track down the ground/air troops after them. Start by heading straight for the reactor and clearing out the orange target troops. The Silver Centurion armor is helpful here (if you have beaten the game), At the very end, a final barrage of missiles comes at the reactor. Get to the top of the reactors and repulse away. Clear as many as you can.
  • The point is that while your defending the main reactor, you have to save the tesla coils from being destroyed by the enemy ground vehicles. Your map will highlight a tesla from blue (normal) to orange (under attack). When you see one turn orange, fly over to it and destroy the tanks or gunships that are attacking it... The achievement means that you prevented the coils from being destroyed, all while defending the main reactor.

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