You're Fired! Achievement

  • You're Fired!



    Destroy power regulators in the Iron Monger mission

    This achievement is unlocked finishing a required objective. The mission starts with you fighting Stane in the Iron Monger suit. You have to fully deplete his health bar 5 times before you're able to finish him off, so just take your time and use buildings for cover. Only peek out from behind the cover of a building long enough to take a few shots and launch off a missile attack. Finally, after you've worn him down, Jarvis will tell you to grapple him. If you've been careful enough and have at least 2 of your back-ups (or lives) left, you can easily accomplish this by rushing directly at him until he drops you once, and then you should be close enough to jump right up and put him in a grapple, by holding B, without taking any more damage. You have to tap the B button during the grapple to tear off his guidance systems.

    After he flies off, head to the tower located on your radar as a blue star-shaped dot. Four consoles on top of the building will become destroyable targets as soon as the enemies start to show up. It's easiest to just ignore them, circle the top of the building and wipe out the consoles as fast as possible. Achievement unlocked, game completed. Sit back and watch the ending cinematic and wait for the extra points to tally up for finishing the game also.

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