Excelsior! Achievement

  • Excelsior!



    Complete Hero Objectives for all missions

    The hero objectives are all listed below:

    Mission 1: Destroy all of the Stark weapons
    Mission 2: Destroy drones without civilian damage
    Mission 3: Defeat US Fighters without harming the pilots
    Mission 4: Protect the warehouse workers
    Mission 5: Destroy the Prometheus missiles
    Mission 6: Avoid civilian casualties
    Mission 7: Protect the nuclear facility
    Mission 8: Avoid harming the destroyer and its crew
    Mission 9: Avoid desrupting the city's power supply
    Mission 10: Protect the outlying occupied buildings
    Mission 11: Prevent cannon attacks on civilian targets
    Mission 12: Save the tether before the satellite overloads
    Mission 13: Destroy the power regulators

    You have to do the above on the same difficulty and this achievement will unlock. If you need help on a mission see its achievement.

    If this achievement is not unlocking for you then go to Mission Archive. If you are over 50 points behind the max then you did not do the hero objective. Replay that mission. Do this for all the ones you are down on.
  • it didnt unlock. im very pissd. some1 halp plz!!!!!
  • *pissed *someone *help *please that enough help? maybe if you really want help give more details, did you change difficulty etc have you tried redoing all of them?
  • You have to do them all in a row (or atleast the same playthrough) in a new game, and by this I mean you can't complete the story then go to each mission via mission select. You must start a 'new game' and play through each mission (on easy, suggestively) and just shoot for getting the hero objectives during this playthrough.
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