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    Get an Alley Oop


    Easily done with a second controller. Start a local game, boot up both controllers, and have your second controller grab the ball. Head towards the furthest right platform in front of the goal (directly connected to the area you picked up the ball) and have your main account stand on the platform above. Hold down  on the second controller to form a passing line (it won't pass until you release). On your main account, drop down from the platform, and as you're falling, have the second controller complete the pass in mid-air. Immediately after receiving the pass, shoot the ball and score to unlock the achievement. 

    It's been brought to my attention by fellow forum-goers that this can also be done in regular single player with the AI. Jump in front of the goal when the AI companion has ball possession, and there is a chance they will pass it to you for an alley oop. Obviously, this is based around luck, and the method with two controllers is easier; hopefully this helps those without a second controller.

  • anyone want to this and the 25 bash one
  • My gt is Viperous titan for anyone wanting to do this
  • Looking for someone to do this with GT: Hsuu
  • Weirdly this unlocked for me during the campaign level 2-2 but the opposing team scored it
  • Yes you can get this achievement in singleplayer without a second controller.
  • For a guide on this achievement and mor achievements, got to this link.
  • If anyone can help me with this.....I more than gladly would return the favor. ThunderRhino728
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  • This is WAY easier than you can imagine - and you don't need two controllers. I was playing a regular game against the AI, and once I got to the point where I had a teammate... I just kept playing, and in the first minutes of the second game... I passed the ball to my AI teammate, and when he (it) scored: The "ALLEY OOP" achievement unlocked! You DO NOT have to be the one who scores. It might have to be you if your teammate is a real person/Xbox account (or maybe you both get it???), but if it's an AI... you'll get it!!!
  • Anyone who wants to bosst this i will be on all day , my GT is the same as username
  • Easiest Method to get this achievement: 1. Setup a single player game. 2. Add 7 AI characters to your team and Zero opponents. 3. Set AI Brain Juice to 100% 4. Start the match and wait 10 to 20 seconds. Your AI teamates will do an ally oop for you and the achievement will unlock.
  • I can confirm specie one’s method, it took less than 10 seconds. Thank you
  • #11 thank youuuuu
  • the solution Spectre One gave works like a charm. i got the achievement within 5 seconds of starting the match!!!!

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