Identity Theft Achievement

  • Identity Theft



    Import 10 or more characters via QR code into the game

    When creating a character from the characters menu, there will be a large QR code in the bottom right of the screen once you've hit + to make a new character. Take a picture of it with a mobile device (I used my cell phone), go to create another new character, and hit the back/select button to bring up a QR scanner. Turn your mobile device's brightness down to minimum and hold it up in the box until it registers. Do this nine more times to unlock the achievement. 

  • The link for 10 characters Have to scan them with Kinect, pause the video if anything
  • This is now easy as can be with the trading post. You can upload a single character to you own trading post, download it 10 times and POP.
  • I can confirm this works without a Kinect sensor. Go to teams and tools, characters. Create a new character and upload it. Go to teams and tools, trading post. Download the character multiple times until the achievement unlocks.
  • Still working as of 26th January 2020

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