Sharing is Caring Achievement

  • Sharing is Caring



    Import 10 or more songs via QR code into the game

    Follow the steps for "Identity Theft," but in the songs menu.

  • Now that there is a trading post - this is very gettable without kinect. This one and the other two like it. You can upload to your own trading port and download the same thing ten times and POP. Only problem for me is this one. For some reason I cannot upload a song to my trading post. Characters and logos worked well enough - not perfect but enough to get it done. Anyone out there able to do this? Would love to add you and snag off your trading post. Feel free to add me if you need and get logos and or characters off my trading post.
  • I had no problem uploading a song. I used this procedure: Go to teams and tools, songs, create, edit a few notes, back out of edit mode and upload. Go to teams and tools, trading post, songs, download pressing A until the achievement unlocks.

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