Corporate Art Collector Achievement

  • Corporate Art Collector



    Import 10 or more logos via QR code into the game

    Follow the steps for "Identity Theft," but in the logos menu.

  • DO you need a Kinect for these achievements?
  • Yes it requires Kinect unfortunately
  • So, I am screwed
  • These achievements are so stupid i got QR codes and i tried putting my computer up to the kinect and it didnt scan then i tried with a phone taking a pic and putting it up and it didnt scan then i tried with a camera and it still doesnt work like how in the world am i going to get these cheevos so stupid! -_-
  • #4 you could try faxing them. If that doesn't work you could always print them off I think you can print things off for free at library's (might be wrong tho)
  • Anybody got a spare Kinect that I can borrow? :-D
  • The link for 10 logos fast fast
  • is there anybody got this achievement ??
  • Achievement is easy. Just take a decent picture with ur phone(I have a Galaxy S4)go to ur photos and make the QR code as big as possible and make the picture/qr code fit the box on ur TV. The first picture to scan was the hardest but after the first they were much easier to scan.try not to shake too much as u hold ur phone up to the kinect
  • I can't find where to scan the QR codes at. I read there should be a scan option but I can't find it anywhere. Can anyone help?
  • Link
  • add me M1sta KR4ZY, lets work on this achievment
  • #10 you have to select a logo/character/music item as if you were going to edit it. Then press the two squares (used to be the BACK button on 360) to scan a new QR code.
  • This is now easy as can be with the trading post. Upload a single logo to your trading post - and download it 10 times to pop the cheevo.
  • Correct, use this procedure: Go to teams and tools, then logos. Create a new one and edit. Then back out of edit mode to upload the logo. Go to teams and tools, then trading post. Download the logo multiple times until the achievement pops.

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