Over "The Air" Achiever Achievement

  • Over "The Air" Achiever



    Summon the Achievement Bot.


    You will need a Twitch account for this one. Once you have created and logged in to Twitch, go to your settings and make sure that your Twitch settings are set to chat and hashbombs, then choose a Twitch feed to link your game to (it can either be one you host or any random one you want to join).

    Once those two settings are complete, create a game, boot up Twitch in the background/snap, and type #achievement into the chat. Go back into your game and the achievement bot will be summoned (a big dude that kinda looks like Magneto will appear, and the feed will tell you "[Twitch Username Here] has summoned the Achievement Bot"), unlocking the achievement.

  • View my achievement guide in the forum for a complete walkthrough of every achievement.
  • You need to stream this on twitch and write #achievement on the chat and that's how you get this achievement
  • anyone could write #achievement, you or a friend
  • You don't actually need to stream the game. You can just enter any channel into the option for Twitch and go to the chat (even if the channel is not currently streaming) to enter #achievement.
  • I got it from the game launching into "demo" mode It was some guys playing on twitch and someone chatted #achievement And I got it unlocked too
  • Also needing this. Will return the favor. Gamertag: komentra
  • What is the point of this achievement. Is utter dogshit.
  • You don't need to do it in over a twitch stream. You can simply start a game, then tweet @idarbwire with your room number and #achievement (ie. @idarbwire #KE1N #achievement
  • @ #8 What do you mean by room number? I can't get twitch to stream.. so thought I'll try your way :)
  • I got it :) (I think)
  • I can't get this achievement to save my life. I've tried both the Twitter and Twitch methods. Any tips?
  • Really can't get this to work :(
  • I used the Twitter method, and it was super-easy. http://tinyurl.com/pqr3yqz
  • I can't type in my broadcast....DUMB!!!
  • Why is this game for free?
  • Not working for me tried both twitter and twitch...wtf man
  • This is a poorly explained achievement. Go to the one on trueachievements. His is alot more in-depth with no shortcuts.
  • Used Twitter, got the achievement right away. Super easy. #18 is correct - the solution at TA is perfect.
  • Yeah, the description here is not even worth reading. #17 knows what's up.
  • I still need this one in 2019. Anyone willing to help? Xx Black Mage
  • This was not working for me until I saw the suggestion to restart the game. Exited it completely. Restarted it. Local game with just me. Typed #achievement in the twitch channel I had selected. Popped.
  • Not working for me on anything need help please GT:SG1 Warrior

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