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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Camper



    Stay in wave 1 for 120 seconds without dying while using default settings


    Kill off the baddies until there is one left. Watch the clock, at the one minute mark a pteradactyl comes out. Then 30 seconds later, another emerges. Survive those last 30 seconds with the 2 pterys and one baddy to get this achievement. If you are good at defeating the pterydactyls, by all means... just don't make a mistake.

  • Find a way to defeat a Pterodactyl


    Clear all but one enemy in the first level and wait for the pterydactyl at the one minute mark. You need to hit the ptery in the beak DIRECTLY with your lance to kill it.

  • Wave 5



    Make your way to wave 5 using default settings


    See "Wave 30".

  • Finish wave 1 without dying while using default settings


    Joust achievements are pretty hard, but this is one of the easiest to nab. If you mess up, theres no shame in restarting, because its only level 1.

  • Make your way to wave 10 using default settings


    See "Wave 30".

  • Make your way to wave 30 using default settings


    Finishing wave 5 shouldn't be a problem. Finishing Wave 10 is a little challenging, but not too hard. Wave 30 is where you'll run into some problems. No easy way around it, you'll just need to practice.

  • Make your way to wave 100 using default settings


    You may have heard that this achievement is glitched. Apparantly its been fixed, but I don't recommend trying for it if you can't even get the wave 30 achievement. For the experienced Jouster only.

  • Get 1st place on in game score board using default settings


    Tough achievement, but not impossible. Staying alive longer adds to the bonus points you get from enemies. And if you are good at killing the pterydactyls, just stay in level 1 as long as possible, killing enemies without taking the eggs. So when they hatch, you can kill them again for more points.

  • Defeat 3 Pterodactyls in one game using default settings


    See Pterydactyl for details on defeating one. Kill 3 of these in one run through for this achievement.

  • CO-OP



    Finish wave 5 on Xbox Live with another player using default settings

    Make sure its a co-op match and not versus. Find a buddy and start it up. Shouldn't take too long.

  • Finish wave 20 on Xbox Live with another player using default settings

    PRACTICE, know your enemies, and find a GOOD partner to help you with this achievement.

  • Versus



    Play on Xbox Live Ranked VERSUS and gain the rank of 5

    Grab a buddy and go into VS ranked mode. Find the match and keep winning til you hit 5. It may take a while, but you'll get it eventually.

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